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Noelle Eber
00:19 — Oak Hills Annual Tournament 2015-2016
It's Kind Of A Funny Story
00:47 — What's a 16-year-old boy doing playing music and table tennis with adult psychiatric patients - on a school day? It's kind of a funny story, "It's Kin (more…)
The Perfect Gift - Official Trailer
02:34 — The Perfect Gift tells the story of Maxine Noelle Westray, who has grown tired of sharing a birthday with the biggest holiday of the year. When a frie (more…)
America's Funniest Cats
04:19 — Host Finn Raynal-Beads (Adam Driver) and his French counterparts, Joelle LaRue (Cecily Strong) and Noelle LeSoup (Kate McKinnon), take very different (more…)
America's Funniest Cats
04:19 — Host Finn Raynal-Beads (Adam Driver) and his French counterparts, Joelle LaRue (Cecily Strong) and Noelle LeSoup (Kate McKinnon), take very different (more…)
Is Cynthia Bailey's Daughter Headed for the Modeling World?
Season 8 Exclusive: The RHOA mom reveals what's next for 16-year-old Noelle.
My London: Noelle
Season 1 Exclusive: Noelle Reno gives you a tour of her historic neighborhood, Marylebone High Street.
Ep 6: New Allegiances
After Marissa becomes a British citizen, Juliet is unable to accept the change and Marissa grows impatient with her meddling ways. In the midst of the (more…)
How to Land a British Man
Season 1 Exclusive: Noelle Reno gets the scoop on what British guys want.
No Gift for Caroline
Season 1 Episode 7 Preview: Oops! Noelle decided to drink her hostess gift for Caroline with Marissa and Juliet on the way to her dinner party.
Caroline Gets Slighted
Season 1 Episode 6 Preview: Things get awkward when Caroline learns that Caprice has now asked Marissa and Noelle to throw her baby shower.
Ep 8: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Fueled by gossip, Caprice and Caroline s tension ignites at Caroline s dinner party and leaves a big question mark on Noelle s loyalty.
Ep 4: Mad as a Hatter
Juliet does her best to make amends by hosting a 'hat party' in preparation for the Sandown Horse Races but for some of the ladies, their relationship (more…)
Ep 4: Too Late to Apollo-gize
As Cynthia continues to recover from her fibroid surgery, she receives startling news that her daughter Noelle has started dating. Porsha finally begi (more…)
Trashed Collection
With Bryson's 90-day deadline to get a job or get out approaching, NeNe hopes introducing her late bloomer to Cynthia's boyfriend and club owner Peter (more…)
Noelle Reaches Her Breaking Point
Season 1 Episode 4 Preview: Tensions boil over between Noelle Reno and Scot Young when their move in date gets pushed yet again.
Noelle’s Scandalous Fiance
Season 1 Episode 1 Show Highlight: Marissa and Juliet confront Noelle about her fiance s very public divorce drama.
A Frank Hot Dog Discussion
Season 1 Exclusive: The ladies discuss the ideal hot dog size and Noelle's boobs.
A Posh Putdown
Season 1 Episode 1 Preview: Noelle Reno learns never to wear a hat to a polo match.
Ep 2: A Match Made in Tabloid Heaven
While the women recover from the first Polo event of the season, Noelle and her boyfriend Scot grapple with his legal woes and discuss moving back in (more…)
Little Girl Hilariously Asks to Get Spun in Circles
As a typical fun-loving toddler would, little Prayer Noelle loves spinning in circles on the ground. And when you have soft fleece jammies, a smooth h (more…)
Did the Kony 2012 Movement Actually Work?
One year ago, the Kony 2012 documentary became an international conversation piece. Still, questions remain about the impact, legitimacy, and morality (more…)
Paris Gets a New Best Friend
02:03 — "Get the scoop on Paris Hilton's new reality show where she'll look for a new best friend, now that Nicole Richie has a baby.|Paris Hilton|Chris Harri (more…)
Noelle New Honored on Her Birthday
Friends and family gathered to remember Noelle New, a young woman whose life was cut short after a hit-and-run accident in June.
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