Noah Munck Celebrity Watchlist

Tue Oct 13 8:00pm
iCarlyiDate a Bad Boy NIK

Carly starts dating a bad boy, and Spencer does not react well when he finds out. However, Carly uncovers a secret about her beau that calls into question his bad reputation. Meanwhile, Freddie helps Sam post her most cherished gross-out videos online, the (more…)

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Wed Oct 14 8:30pm
The GoldbergsI Caddyshacked the PoolNew(Season 3, Episode 4) ABC

Adam, who's embarrassed by his changing body, is desperate to get out of swimming in gym class; and Erica tries to create her identity at school by starting a club that, to her dismay, Barry joins.

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Sat Oct 17 2:30am
Rules of EngagementThe Score(Season 4, Episode 9) WGNA

Jeff is cajoled into giving up hockey tickets so he can go with Audrey to her boss's party, where he spends the night trying to avoid hearing the score of the game; and, at the game, Russell is embarrassed when Timmy roots for the visiting team.

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Mon Oct 19 8:00pm
iCarlyiGoodbye NIK

In the series finale, Carly hopes her father will make a trip home to escort her to a big dance, but when he's unable to do it, an ill Spencer tries to fill in for him. Elsewhere, Sam rebuilds a motorcycle; and Freddie obtains a new phone.

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Tue Oct 20 8:00pm
iCarlyiRescue Carly(Season 5, Episode 11) NIK

Carly gets in trouble when she ignores Sam's warning about a pal who was recently released from a juvenile-detention facility. Meanwhile, Spencer has fun with a pair of night-vision goggles.

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Tue Oct 20 8:30pm
iCarlyiApril Fools(Season 5, Episode 1) NIK

Carly and Spencer recall past events in a skewed way as they face eviction on April Fools' Day.

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Wed Oct 21 8:30pm
The GoldbergsBoy BarryNew ABC

Lainey asks Erica for help teaching Barry to be more secure in their relationship, but ends up with a boyfriend who's dressed like Boy George at school. Meanwhile, Beverly's dislike of Murray's new mustache drives her to shave it off, which doesn't turn ou (more…)