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Speakeasy Season One
Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame recipients, Grammy Award winners, and legendary musicians are featured on the interview series, Speakeasy. The show feature (more…)
Speakeasy Season One
Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame recipients, Grammy Award winners, and legendary musicians are featured on the interview series, Speakeasy. The show feature (more…)
Impact of Trump's new immigration guidelines
04:11 — USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the Trump administration's sweeping new immigration guidelines that a (more…)
Dakota Access Pipeline protesters face arrest with mandatory evacuation
02:49 — Anti-pipeline activists in North Dakota could face arrest if they don't move out of their protest camp. Work on the Dakota Access Pipeline is nearing (more…)
Bernie Sanders on "skyrocketing" price of insulin
03:06 — Between 2002 and 2013, the price of insulin more than tripled, to more than $700 per patient. A federal lawsuit accuses three insulin manufacturers -- (more…)
Secretary of state keeps low profile in first weeks on job
01:31 — Rex Tillerson's visit to Mexico is his second foreign trip since starting as secretary of state. He has kept a low public profile in the U.S. Some cur (more…)
David Aude Wins for Uptown Funk (GRAMMY Live Highlight)
02:00 — David Aude has plenty of people to thank for his win off of Uptown Funk!
Nile Rodgers reveals 2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame inductees
04:36 — Writer, producer and performer Nile Rodgers is a living music legend. In 2016, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, one of music's highe (more…)
Testosterone therapy poses risks, studies find
03:07 — A series of new studies on testosterone therapy for older men finds some serious risks and few benefits. The latest research in trials looked at the i (more…)
Nile Rodgers on inspiration, composing music
06:06 — Writer, producer and guitarist Nile Rodgers will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on Thursday. He joins a prestigious class of honorees t (more…)
Drug makers accused of insulin price hike collusion
05:40 — Some diabetes patients are begging doctors for free samples of life-saving insulin because of costs. Between 2002 and 2013, the price of insulin more (more…)
Lawmakers face angry constituents at town hall meetings
02:44 — In what is being called "resistance recess," voters are crowding town hall meetings, shouting down lawmakers and each other. Lines run out the door at (more…)
Free shipping wars: Retailers ramp up battle for online customers
03:34 — Amazon is making it easier to get free shipping for online orders. The retailer has lowered its free-shipping minimum from $49 to $35 for non-Prime me (more…)
Video shows Harrison Ford's airport close call
02:49 — Airport surveillance video captures the moment actor Harrison Ford's plane narrowly missed a passenger jet when he was landing last week. The jet on t (more…)
Jon Batiste and #StayWednesday Livestream (feat. Nile Rodgers)
11:50 — Disco legend Nile Rodgers sits in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human for another Wednesday afternoon jam session.
Were female suspects trained to attack Kim Jong Nam?
02:41 — Malaysian police are searching for two new suspects in connection with the apparent assassination of the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jon (more…)
Stephen's One-Man Roller Disco Party
01:02 — On September 21, Nile Rodgers and Chic sat in with with Jon Batiste and Stay Human. During their pre-show rehearsal, Stephen couldn't resist getting h (more…)
New immigration guidelines may expand deportations and detentions
02:27 — The White House is spelling out its plan to fight illegal immigration. New guidelines, effective immediately, put most of the country's 11 million und (more…)
Music legend Nile Rodgers explains how collaborative hits are made
01:46 — Multiple Grammy-winner Nile Rodgers joins CBSN to discuss his career and collaborations with some of the biggest stars in music. Rodgers also talks ab (more…)
NorCal storms lead to rescues, evacuations
02:10 — Dangerous flooding has prompted hundreds of water rescues in San Jose, California. New mandatory evacuation orders went into effect overnight. Recent (more…)
Trump breaks silence on threats against Jewish community centers
02:52 — President Trump denounced anti-Semitism in his first comment on a series of threats against Jewish community centers. The president called the threats (more…)
Nile Rodgers and Paul Williams Talk Collaborating With Daft Punk for Random Access Memories
03:00 — Nile Rodgers and Paul Williams walk home with Grammys galore as they describe how their explorations with Daft Punk for Random Access Memories made mu (more…)
Earth Girls Are Easy - Official Trailer
01:34 — A valley girl becomes the host to three aliens who have crash-landed in her swimming pool. Silly stuff but easy to watch!
Coming To America - Trailer
01:02 — Big-budget comedy in which an African prince searches for a queen in Queens(New York City, that is). Murphy is in good form here!
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