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Jon Batiste and #StayWednesday Livestream (feat. Nile Rodgers)
11:50 — Disco legend Nile Rodgers sits in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human for another Wednesday afternoon jam session.
Top 11 Perform: "Get Lucky"
01:34 — The magic of television transports us from a private soundstage directly to the Idol XIV stage, where our Top 11 Idols (music legend Nile Rodgers) per (more…)
Tyanna Jones and the Jacksons, "I'll Be There/ABC/I Want You Back"
03:08 — Well this is something special! As one of the youngest season XIV Idols, Tyanna's always brought something of a Michael Jackson vibe to her performanc (more…)
Quentin Alexander and Vance Joy, "Riptide"
02:43 — "Riptide" is a great name for a song that washes over you, threatening to drag you under just before releasing you back to the surface with a renewed (more…)
Nick Fradiani and Andy Grammer, "Back Home/Honey, I'm Good"
03:13 — Remember when Nick absolutely destroyed "Back Home" last week? Turns out if you do it again right next to the song's originator (and then launch into (more…)
Nile Rodgers in the House
01:25 — He sold 13 million copies of "Le Freak" sold with his genre-busting band, Chic. He's worked with everyone from Madonna to Slash to Mick Jagger to Daft (more…)
Prince Royce With Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, "Back It up"
03:44 — We have no idea in what country this Royce guy is a prince, but he certain pulls off this performance ROYALLY (sorry), aided by Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull (more…)
Your 14th American Idol
01:53 — What is there to say? Dynamite work, Fradiani. You earned it.
Top 5 Guys and Ricky Martin, "Mr. Put It Down/Livin' La Vida Loca/She Bangs/Cup of Life"
06:50 — Ricky Martin is a hunk of such magnitude that his song "Livin' La Vida Loca" singlehandedly spiked the global pregnancy rate by 100% in 1999. Now it's (more…)
Keith Urban, "Even the Stars Fall for U"
03:42 — "Mr. Shoulder Roll" is what Harry calls Keith Urban, and he's not wrong, but we'd just as readily call him "Mr. Guitar God" or "Mr. Moment Creator." H (more…)
Clark and Nick With Fallout Boy, "Centuries"
02:42 — No one could deny that Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani are their own artists, carving out musical paths unique to them.
Adanna Duru and Janelle Monae, "Yoga"
03:24 — There's not a dude up on stage (until later, but stick with us here) as Janelle Monae and a coterie of backup dancers encourage everyone to "let your (more…)
Jax and Steven Tyler, "Piece of My Heart/Walk This Way/Love Is Your Name"
05:30 — Want a sweet little slice of Americana? That'd be Steven Tyler's new song, "Love is Your Name" -- backed up with some killer production design, and a (more…)
Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban, "Diamond/Locked Out of Heaven"
03:59 — Wait, they're PERFORMERS too? (Kidding) Before they cemented their judging trifecta on Idol XIII, Jen, Keith, and Harry were massive stars in their ow (more…)
Idols, Start Your Engines
01:35 — You thought it was just Nile Rodgers with the Idol assist tonight? Hardly. NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon is on hand to invite the Idols to this weekend (more…)
Rayvon Owen With Jamie Foxx, "In Love by Now"
03:05 — Hat attack! Our boy Rayvon (and his five-course meal of a voice) is back, joined on stage by Jamie Foxx for a beautiful, piano-backed rendition of the (more…)
Top 11 Perform: Joey Cook
01:53 — Eyes, Joey, eyes! On the advice of Nile Rodgers and Scott Borchetta, Joey keeps her eyes open a little more here than she's done in the past.
Joey Cook and Echosmith, "Cool Kids"
02:34 — You've heard Echosmith's "Cool Kids" all over the radio, the Internet, everywhere. And now you've got it on stage for the Idol XIV finale, assisted by (more…)
Qaasim Middleton With Pitbull and Chris Brown, "Fun"
03:14 — Cue lights. It's superstar Chris Brown, dancing down the stage like a hurricane. A voice emerges from the wings. Oh hey, Pitbull! We liked the song al (more…)
The Season Finale: After the Show
01:26 — We close the books on Season XIV with some final thoughts from Ryan, Harry and Keith on newly crowned winner Nick Fradiani. What's next for Nick now t (more…)
Idol Extra: Nile Rodgers
00:55 — On this week’s Idol, we caught just snippets of music legend Nile Rodgers working with your Top 11. Here, we get a closer look at this once-in-a-lifet (more…)
Clark Beckham and Michael McDonald, "Takin' It to the Streets"
02:36 — The piano isn't traditionally considered a "cool" instrument in the vein of guitar or bass, but when you throw two of them right next to each other on (more…)
Top 6 Girls and Nile Rodgers, "We Are Family/Le Freak/I'll Be There/Good Times"
04:23 — Seeing all six of this season's Top 12 girls (Jax, Tyanna Jones, Joey Cook, Adanna Duru, Maddie Walker, and Sarina-Joi Crowe) together on stage is pre (more…)
Nick Fradiani, "Beautiful Life"
01:29 — And just like that, Idol XIV has its winner. We've already heard this song, but now we're hearing it filtered through the voice of someone experiencin (more…)
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