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Female Orgasms
04:21 — Nikki volunteers for a scientific study that tries to make sense of the mysterious female orgasm.
Freak On the Streets - Where Do You Finish?
02:09 — Nikki finds out where different people direct their ejaculate at the end of a sexual encounter.
Fun On the Street
01:50 — Nikki and Sara hit the streets asking unsuspecting people the tough questions. Which truly is better: cats or hats?
How to Destroy the Competition
04:32 — Now that Nikki and Sara have their show, what's the logical next step? Take out the competition.
How To...
06:07 — Comedians Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer offer us some valuable insight into the world of late night comedy show hosting, explaining how to get your o (more…)
The Girls Are Back!
02:25 — Nikki and Sara are back to take over late night! Take a peek at what's coming up in the new season.
Iggy Azalea
17:41 — On this weeks episode of Nikki & Sara Live the girls welcome guest, Iggy Azalea to sit down a tackle the latest in news and pop culture!
A$AP Rocky
18:20 — A$AP Rocky stops by the set to chat with the girls about this week in music, news and celebrities.
Jason Derulo
17:33 — Nikki & Sara recap another Catfish, play "Who Wore it Best," take movie posters to the street and put Cher Lloyd to the test. Plus, Jason Derulo swing (more…)
The Oldest Profession
02:49 — An escort lets Nikki in on the legal challenges of sex work and details how she protects herself when she's on the job.
Nikki Attends a Trump Rally
02:44 — Nikki interviews Donald Trump supporters to find out how far they'd go to get him elected and if they think Hillary Clinton is attractive.
An R&B Song for the Average Joe
05:43 — After collecting some awful sex stories, Nikki teams up with Omarion to turn them into an R&B song.
Nikki's Verdict On the Stanford Rape Apologists
02:10 — Nikki coins a new term inspired by the judge that gave Stanford rapist Brock Turner an outrageously lenient sentence.
The Pay Your Tab Cab Returns
03:34 — Strip club patrons try to win money by correctly answering Nikki's questions about women.
Comedians Do Porn With Kristen Schaal
03:52 — Nikki and Kristen Schaal feed lines to Dani Daniels and Lexington Steele during a socially conscious workplace porn scene.
Audio Quiz: I Don't Understand the Circle
01:41 — Jim Jefferies, Nikki Glaser and Brett Gelman decipher if the source of a sound clip is an underwater voicemail from Tara Reid, a pro-Brexit voter or a (more…)
California's Historic Vote: Matthew McConaughey's Been Sleeping Outside His Polling Place
01:41 — In November, Californians will vote to legalize pot, so Jim Jefferies, Nikki Glaser and Brett Gelman attempt to sway voters with anti-marijuana slogan (more…)
#HashtagWars: #RuinShakespeare
01:32 — On the anniversary of the burning of the Globe Theatre, Jim Jefferies, Nikki Glaser and Brett Gelman list awful new versions that are virtually unread (more…)
Cuddling Class
03:48 — Nikki attends a meeting for people interested in a completely nonsexual cuddling experience.
05:05 — Nikki shares her own feelings about having large labia and interviews a doctor about why so many women are getting genital cosmetic surgery.
The Midnight Spoil: Civil War: Superheroes Beat the S**t Out of Each Other
01:24 — In honor of the release of "Captain America: Civil War," Jesse Joyce, Damien Lemon and Marcella Arguello divulge spoilers for the superhero movie.
Pizza S**t: Classic Hollywood Pizza Thriller
05:35 — After watching bizarre, low-budget pizza commercials, Jesse Joyce, Marcella Arguello and Damien Lemon answer questions about the local restaurants beh (more…)
Panderdome: Special Edition Cruz Control
01:09 — Ted Cruz is having a rough week, and Jesse Joyce, Marcella Arguello and Damien Lemon guess the details of the Texas senator's latest gaffe.
#HashtagWars: #MillennialBooks
01:29 — Jesse Joyce, Damien Lemon and Marcella Arguello rewrite popular book titles for millennial readers.
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