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Alyssa Milano Calls Out Jay Mohr for Criticizing Her Weight

Alyssa Milano, Jay Mohr

Christmas is a time for giving gifts and spending time with family and friends. And if you're Alyssa Milano, it means taking the high road.

Milano took to Twitter on Christmas Day to call out comedian Jay Mohr for making negative comments about her weight, but Mohr got off pretty easy. "So sorry you felt the need to... read more

Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox Welcome Baby Boy

Nikki Cox and Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr and wife Nikki Cox have welcomed a son, People reports.

Meredith Daniel Mohr was born on Thursday, weighing in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces.

"We are over the moon, filled with joy and every other cliché new parents use," the couple told the magazine. "He's perfect."

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From the World of the Sexiest Star....

Alright — before we get started, have you seen the cover of the May 5 TV Guide? Jennifer Love Hewitt is featured as the 'Sexiest Woman on TV.' She wins hands down, we can tell you. And did you see today's issue of People? Love is featured as one of the 100 Most Beautiful People. Having worked with her for 3 1/2 years — we say she is the most beautiful person inside and out. Truly!It's the end of the week and you know what that means — another installment of Ghost Whisperer. "Deadbeat Dads" had unique comedy flair to it. The script was beautifully written by our newest addition to the Ghost Whisperer writing staff — Mark Perry. Mark joins us from the writing staff of Brothers & Sisters. He's worked with P.K. Simonds who jumped aboard the Ghost Whisperer train at the beginning of Season 3 (as you all are very well aware!). Mark and P.K. worked together on Party of Five (Jennifer Love Hewitt's old stomping ground).Mark's script made us laugh during production &... read more

Las Vegas Hires Prison Breaker as Heavenly Host

Camille Guaty, Josh Duhamel, Molly Sims and James Lesure by Gregg DeGuire/

If Tom Selleck is Las Vegas' "new James Caan," then who is being called upon to fill Nikki Cox's... (hmm, I best not complete that thought). has learned that Camille Guaty, familiar to TV fans from her runs on Prison Break (as Maricruz No. 1) and The Nine, is joining the NBC drama this season as Piper Nielsen, a "feisty new casino host." Hey, as long as they save some "feist" for Sam, I'm down with that. read more

Last-minute Cast Cuts Leave Las Vegas in Lurch

Las Vegas creator Gary Scott Thompson says the decision to bid adieu to both James Caan and Nikki Cox came so last-minute that Friday's season-ender — which boasts an explosion and a shooting, to name but two big events, and was purposely designed to coerce NBC into greenlighting a fifth season — not only might not pave the way for Ed's and Mary's exits, but actually has the writers in a bit of a pickle. "The season finale had already been written," Thompson tells, "so it's going to be challenging to get us out of the situation I put us in." For Thompson's latest take on why Caan is leaving Las Vegas, see the fresh Ask Ausiello. read more

I heard that Las Vegas canned ...

Question: I heard that Las Vegas canned Nikki Cox and that James Caan is leaving of his own free will.

Answer: That's NBC's story and they're sticking to it. My Vegas mole, however, says Caan's exit was more of a mutual decision. It's true that he was itching to get back into the features world, but it's also true that Vegas producers, in exchange for a fifth season, had to cut the show's budget drastically — and eliminating Caan's seven-figure salary was like killing 16 PETA-approved animatronic birds with one stone. Not surprisingly, exec producer Gary Scott Thompson denied all of this in an interview yesterday with's very own Matt Mitovich. "It's more on Jimmy's part," he maintained. "He wanted to do features again. TV's really tough. Eighty-seven episodes is a long time to be away from a feature career. He was itching to read more

Love Notes: No Sin City Wedding for Vegas Star

Las Vegas physical improbability Nikki Cox tied the knot with Ghost Whisperer's Jay Mohr in a Friday-night ceremony held in Los Angeles, People reports.... Jessica Simpson and her nonboyfriend, musician John Mayer (whom she has not been dating), were spied "full-on making out" at a New Year's Eve bash thrown by Christina Aguilera, a spy tells the New York Daily News. Simpson's pa, Joe, meanwhile, reportedly owes the Kennedy Center Honors folk some $15,000 for prettying up Jess for the "9 to 5" number that was ultimately yanked from the telecast. But I digress as I giggle. read more

Nikki Cox Dishes on Las Vegas and Mohr!

Nikki Cox, Las Vegas

NBC's Las Vegas is MIA this Friday night (to make way for a Heist encore), but Nikki Cox could probably use the free time, anyway. The red-hot redhead, after all, is busy making plans for her wedding to fellow actor (and Vegas guest star, natch) Jay Mohr. Still, she found time to talk with about the evolution of Vegas' Mary, the "rumored" pillow fights she has with her female costars and more (meaning Mohr.) I saw you the other day on the cover of InStyle Weddings looking all pretty....Nikki Cox: All "gussied up." [Chuckles] Is what I saw you in your actual wedding dress?Cox: No, my dr read more


In a segment airing on Friday's Access Hollywood, actor-comedian Jay Mohr (Jerry Maguire) reveals that he and girlfriend Nikki Cox (Las Vegas) are engaged to be married. "It's going to be a winter wedding," adds a spokesperson for Cox. read more

Arrested Development Blame vacation...

Zach Braff, Scrubs

Arrested Development Blame vacation hangover, but I'm betting I missed about half of the references to AD's imminent cancellation or (please!) move to another network, and the not-desperate ratings stunts they cribbed from other shows. Of course, I don't even have to say this, but please write in with what I've left out. There was the promise before the credits that someone would die and that the show would be live, the 3-D tomato toss and the flashing So as not to break the third wall, that thinly veiled plot about raising money for a new attorney opened the door for the Bluths to beg for their survival, and to discuss whether they'd received help from the Home Builders' Organization (HBO, for those of you not yet over those hangovers) or if they'd have to read more

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