Get Smart Premiere
01:55 — "Hollywood 411's Nikki Boyer hob-knobs with Steve Carell, Dwayne Johnson, Anne Hathaway and Alan Arkin at the red carpet premiere of Get Smart!|Alan (more…)
Heroes Wrap Party: Noah Gray-Cabey Interview
02:18 — Nikki Boyer talks to actor Noah Gray-Cabey at the Heroes wrap party.|Noah Gray-Cabey|Nikki Boyer|Heroes
Heroes Wrap Party: George Takei Interview
01:19 — Nikki Boyer talks to actor George Takei at the Heroes wrap party.|George Takei|Nikki Boyer|Heroes
Heroes Wrap Party: Masi Oka Interview
04:07 — Nikki Boyer talks to actor Masi Oka at the Heroes wrap party.|Nikki Boyer|Masi Oka|Heroes
Heroes Wrap Party: Adrian Pasdar Interview
04:09 — Nikki Boyer talks to actor Adrian Pasdar and creator Tim Kring at the Heroes wrap party.|Adrian Pasdar|Nikki Boyer|Heroes|Tim Kring
Missy Higgins In Studio Exclusive
14:13 — Award-winning singer-songwriter Missy Higgins has a brand-new album out called "On a Clear Night," and she joined us in-studio for an exclusive perfor (more…)
Heroes Wrap Party: Hayden Panettiere and Greg Grunberg Interview
03:14 — |Hayden Panettiere|Greg Grunberg|Nikki Boyer|Heroes
NCIS: Pauley Perrette
01:39 — Nikki Boyer goes behind the scenes for some one-on-one time with NCIS' Pauley Perrette on Hollywood 411!|NCIS|Pauley Perrette|Hollywood 411|Nikki Boye (more…)
ER Preview
01:37 — Wonder what you can expect from the new episodes of ER? On Hollywood 411, Nikki Boyer visits the set of the hit show and gets the inside info straight (more…)
Heroes Wrap Party: Milo Ventimiglia Interview
05:09 — |Milo Ventimiglia|Nikki Boyer|Heroes
The Spirit Theory Exclusive
11:46 — TV Guide's own Nikki Boyer and her band The Spirit Theory join us for an exclusive performance and sit down with Kimberly Caldwell to discuss their ne (more…)
Heroes Wrap Party: Ali Larter Interview
02:09 — Nikki Boyer talks to actor Ali Larter at the Heroes wrap party.|Ali Larter|Nikki Boyer|Heroes
Heroes Wrap Party: Greg Grunberg Interview
03:07 — Nikki Boyer talks to actor Greg Grunberg at the Heroes wrap party.|Greg Grunberg|Nikki Boyer|Heroes
Heroes Wrap Party: Bonnie Somerville Interview
02:11 — TV Guide's Nikki Boyer talks with actor Bonnie Somerville before the Heroes wrap party.|Bonnie Somerville|Nikki Boyer|Heroes
Heroes Wrap Party: Zachary Quinto Interview
03:29 — Nikki Boyer talks to actor Zachary Quinto at the Heroes wrap party.|Zachary Quinto|Nikki Boyer|Heroes
The Friday Dish
06:07 — Join Ross Mathews and co-host of the day Nikki Boyer as they dish about this week's top pop culture moments, including the Octuplet Mom, George Cloone (more…)
Friday Dish: 7/3
07:19 — Ross Mathews and Nikki Boyer sit down to DISH about pop culture.
The Friday Dish: 4/3
07:27 — Ross Mathews and "Inside Dish" regular Nikki Boyer reunite and serve up pop culture dish like only they know how. Watch as they discuss the new Cheeto (more…)
Happy Nikki Boyer Day!
10:15 — Host Ross Mathews visits friend Nikki Boyer at her offices at Yahoo's web show "Daytime in No Time". See what happens when these two roam the halls of (more…)
The Friday Dish: 6/12
08:48 — Join host Ross Mathews as he reunites with "Inside Dish" favorite Nikki Boyer! These two serve up pop culture chit chat like no other duo around, so w (more…)
The Friday Dish: 3/13
06:17 — Join host Ross Mathews and Dish regular Nikki Boyer as the duo discuss Oprah, Barbie's big birthday and more!
The Friday Dish: 3/6
07:19 — Join host Ross Mathews and Dish regular Nikki Boyer as the two chat about this week's top pop culture moments, including Michael Jackson's final tour, (more…)
Coyote County Loser - Official Trailer
01:58 — Can losers find love? Southwest desert radio station K-RAP is struggling to pay the bills when suave radio jock Jack Proctor (Beau Clark) zooms throug (more…)
Mother's Day: Gift Ideas
01:45 — Still don't know what to get mom for Mother's Day? TV Guide Network's Nikki Boyer has some ideas for you as she hits K-Mart for some gift ideas for th (more…)
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