Niki Yang Celebrity Watchlist

Sun Apr 19 6:00pm
Adventure TimePrisoners of Love; What is Life? TOON

The Ice King captures Finn and Jake, who are stashed along with the king's collection of princesses; Finn builds a pie-throwing robot to get revenge on Jake for pulling off an epic prank.

Sun Apr 19 6:30pm
Adventure TimeWhen Wedding Bells Thaw; Loyalty to the King TOON

The Ice King asks Finn and Jake to throw him a party before he ties the knot; a nice king arrives in the Land of Ooo, and he's a familiar figure.

Sun Apr 19 7:00pm
Adventure TimeThe Chamber of Frozen Blades; Beyond This Earthly Realm TOON

Finn and Jake infiltrate the Ice King's palace; Finn is transported to the spirit world and needs the Ice King's help to escape.

Sun Apr 19 7:30pm
Adventure TimePrincess Potluck; Betty TOON

Gunter goes undercover at a princess potluck at the Ice King's bidding; a magic spell backfires and turns the Ice King into Simon, who brings back the love of his life.

Mon Apr 20 3:00pm
Adventure TimeBelly of the Beast; The Limit TOON

The guys help a giant with a stomachache clear out the party going on in his belly; Finn and Jake try to fulfill their dreams with a wish-granting maze.

Mon Apr 20 3:30pm
Adventure TimeVideo Makers; Heat Signature TOON

Finn and Jake make a home movie but find they have different ideas for the project; Marceline plays a prank on Finn and Jake by making them believe they're vampires.

Mon Apr 20 7:30pm
Adventure TimeMarceline's Closet; Incendium TOON

The guys are trapped in Marceline's closet; Jake embarks on a solo mission to help a broken-hearted Finn.

Tue Apr 21 3:00pm
Adventure TimeThis Mortal Folly; Mortal Recoil TOON

Finn and Jake look for an evil king while the Ice King seeks their blessing to date Princess Bubblegum. Later, Princess Bubblegum has a near-death experience and isn't quite herself afterward.

Tue Apr 21 3:30pm
Adventure TimeConquest of Cuteness; Morituri Te Salutamus TOON

Finn and Jake's tree house is invaded by King Snuggadoodle and the Huggaboopies; the guys give boxing a try.

Tue Apr 21 7:30pm
Adventure TimeAnother Way; Paper Pete TOON

Cyclops tears may heal Finn and Jake's broken toes; library books seek help from the duo to save them from the evil Moldari.

Wed Apr 22 3:00pm
Adventure TimeMemory of a Memory; Hitman TOON

Finn and Jake enter Marceline's mind to retrieve a spell from her memory; the Ice King unwittingly hires a hit man to go after Finn and Jake.

Wed Apr 22 3:30pm
Adventure TimeToo Young; Thank You TOON

Princess Bubblegum's uncle tries to claim the throne; the Snow Golem visits the Fire Kingdom.

Wed Apr 22 7:30pm
Adventure TimeGhost Princess; Dad's Dungeon TOON

The guys play detective and try to solve Ghost Princess' murder; Jake's dad presents a strange challenge to the guys when he appears to them in a holographic message.

Thu Apr 23 3:00pm
Adventure TimeAdventure Time with Fionna and Cake; The Monster TOON

A trip to a parallel universe features Fionna and Cake exploring the Land of Aaa; the king and queen of Lumpy Space ask Finn and Jake to track down their daughter and bring her home.

Thu Apr 23 3:30pm
Adventure TimeStill; Wizard Battle TOON

Finn and Jake become frozen by the Ice King; a competition for wizards is held in the Land of Ooo.

Thu Apr 23 7:30pm
Adventure TimeJermaine; Friends ForeverNew(Season 6, Episode 52) TOON

The guys want to reconnect with their brother; Ice King has a plan to form a circle of confidants.

Fri Apr 24 3:00pm
Adventure TimeWhat Was Missing; Apple Thief TOON

The guys take on a door lord; Finn and Jake have a craving for Tree Trunks' apple pie.

Fri Apr 24 3:30pm
Adventure TimeBeautopia; From Bad to Worse TOON

Susan Strong resurfaces with bad news about her world; a zombie outbreak overtakes the Land of Ooo, and Princess Bubblegum is to blame.

Fri Apr 24 7:30pm
Adventure TimeFive Short Graybles; Dream of Love TOON

A collection of short stories tackles the five senses; a suitor pursues Tree Trunks, but Jake is upset it disrupts her baking.

Sun Apr 26 6:30pm
Sun Apr 26 7:30pm
Mon Apr 27 3:00pm
Adventure TimeNo One Can Hear You; The Creeps TOON

The people of Ooo vanish; a masquerade dinner turns deadly for the guests.

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