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Mon Mar 2 7:30pm
Adventure TimeSky Witch(Season 5, Episode 29) TOON

Marceline tracks a witch but needs Bubblegum's help when the trail turns cold.

Tue Mar 3 7:30pm
Adventure TimeTime Sandwich(Season 5, Episode 33) TOON

Finn travels through time to retrieve Jake's sandwich, which was stolen by Magic Man.

Wed Mar 4 7:30pm
Adventure TimeEarth & Water(Season 5, Episode 32) TOON

Flame Princess is tested by Bubblegum.

Thu Mar 5 7:30pm
Fri Mar 6 7:30pm
Adventure TimeThe Vault(Season 5, Episode 34) TOON

Finn taps into repressed memories with the help of Jake and BMO.

Sun Mar 8 6:00pm
Adventure Time With Finn & JakeSlumber Party Panic; Trouble in Lumpy Space TOON

Princess Bubblegum and Finn accidentally create candy zombies after an experiment goes awry in the premiere of this cartoon set in the surreal Land of Ooo. Later, Finn tries to find a cure for Jake, who was bitten by a Lumpy Space princess.

Sun Mar 8 6:30pm
Adventure TimeEnchiridion; The Jiggler TOON

Princess Bubblegum and Finn set out on a dangerous quest to find a book for heroes; Finn and Jake must return a jiggly creature to his mother after he follows them home.

Mon Mar 9 7:30pm
Tue Mar 10 7:30pm
Adventure TimeThe Box Prince(Season 5, Episode 37) TOON

Finn helps the Box Prince save his kingdom from an impostor.

Wed Mar 11 7:30pm
Adventure TimeDungeon Train(Season 5, Episode 36) TOON

Finn fights foes on a train that houses dungeons.

Thu Mar 12 7:30pm
Fri Mar 13 7:30pm
Adventure TimeRed Starved(Season 5, Episode 38) TOON

While stuck in an underground cave, Finn searches for something for Marceline to feed on, to prevent her from turning into a monster.