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Thu Nov 23 4:00pm
The Loud HouseYes Man; Friend or Faux NIK

The sisters enlist Lincoln to teach them how to ask Mom and Dad for money; Lisa gets her report card and finds she's failed social skills, and in order to bring up her grade, she must make a friend.

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Thu Nov 23 4:30pm
The Loud HouseSuite and Sour; Back in Black NIK

Mom and Dad win a trip and the kids get to tag along, but only if they're on their best behavior; Lucy gets a makeover from her sisters after she develops a crush on a very ordinary boy.

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Thu Nov 23 5:00pm
The Loud HouseThe Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos NIK

Ronnie Anne and Bobby visit their extended family, and Bobby fits in well with them, but Ronnie Anne doesn't.

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Fri Nov 24 4:30pm
The Loud HouseThe Adventures of Lincoln and ClydeNew NIK

Lincoln and Clyde's most epic adventures are spotlighted.

Fri Nov 24 6:00pm
Sat Nov 25 11:30am
The Loud HouseThe Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos NIK

Ronnie Anne and Bobby visit their extended family, and Bobby fits in well with them, but Ronnie Anne doesn't.

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Sat Nov 25 12:00pm
The Loud HouseFor Bros About to Rock; It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House NIK

Lincoln heads to a rock concert for the first time, and Luna wants it to be extra special for him; Lincoln thinks cash is hidden in the house after he reads a letter he found in the attic.

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Sat Nov 25 12:30pm
Sat Nov 25 1:00pm
The Loud HouseFed Up; Shell Shock NIK

The kids grow tired of monotonous meals and make a plan to sabotage dinner so they can have pizza; Lincoln must care for an egg baby with Ronnie Anne, whom he doesn't trust with the fragile egg.

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Sat Nov 25 4:00pm
The Loud HousePulp Friction; Pets Peeved NIK

Lincoln and Clyde submit a comic to a contest, but they're foiled by a surprising nemesis; Lana brings home a new pet the kids adore, but the older pets scheme to get rid of the newbie.

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Sat Nov 25 4:30pm
The Loud HousePatching Things Up; Cheater by the Dozen NIK

Lola and Lana try out for Bluebell Scouts and discover perhaps only one of them is suited for it; Lincoln and Clyde think Bobby is cheating on Lori, so they follow him around town and gather evidence.

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Sat Nov 25 5:00pm
The Loud HouseFuture Tense; Lynner Takes All NIK

Mom and Dad meet an impressive family, and then they worry their kids aren't doing enough to ensure successful futures; Lynn displays poor sportsmanship while playing board games, so her siblings plot to take her down.

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Sat Nov 25 5:30pm
The Loud HouseOut of the Picture; Room With a Feud NIK

Lincoln and Clyde want to make a splash in the yearbook by crashing group photos; a room shuffle for the Loud girls is suggested by Lincoln after he sees them fighting with their roommates.

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Sun Nov 26 12:30pm
The Loud HouseLincoln Loud: Girl Guru; Come Sale Away NIK

Lincoln's insight on girls becomes the focus of a business he and Clyde start; the family have a garage sale, and the kids get competitive trying to outsell one another.

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Sun Nov 26 1:00pm
The Loud HouseChange of Heart; Health Kicked NIK

Clyde is desperate to learn how to act normal around Lori, so he enlists Leni's help; the kids worry about Mom and Dad not being active enough, so they encourage them to exercise.

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Sun Nov 26 1:30pm
The Loud HouseHeavy Meddle; Making the Case NIK

The Loud sisters are nosy and this irks Lincoln, but their prying becomes beneficial when Lincoln gets teased at school; Lincoln records his sisters in humiliating situations and enters the footage in a contest.

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Sun Nov 26 3:30pm
Sun Nov 26 4:00pm
The Loud HouseDance Dance Resolution; A Fair to Remember NIK

Lincoln has four dates to one Sadie Hawkins dance thanks to his sisters' interference; Lincoln befriends Bobby, so Lori retaliates by spending time with Clyde.

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Mon Nov 27 4:30pm
The Loud HouseApril Fools Rules; Cereal Offender NIK

Lincoln plans to outwit Luan on April Fools' Day; a supermarket excursion doesn't go as intended thanks to Lincoln.

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Mon Nov 27 5:00pm
The Loud HouseProject Loud House; In Tents Debate NIK

Lincoln must hurry to get to school on time, and that means pushing his sisters to hustle as well; Lincoln has the deciding vote on a vacation destination for the family.

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Mon Nov 27 5:30pm
The Loud HouseThe Price of Admission; One Flu Over the Loud House NIK

Lincoln watches a scary film, and then he can't fall asleep; a cold infests the Loud home, and its ramifications have Lincoln mistaking his sisters for zombies.

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