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September 24, 2006: Listen to the Rain on the Roof

Looks like Marc Cherry is keeping his promise: He's been in the media everywhere proclaiming that the show's quality will be back in tip-top shape, like it was in the first season. He deserves a pat on the back for cowriting a (for the most part) first-rate script with Jeff Greenstein (Emmy-winning writer/executive producer of Will & Grace - Jeff wrote the pivotal '80s flashback episode where Will first came out to Grace). I thought it was a smart thing to fast-forward to six months from the last time we saw them. This way they didn't have to deal with following up on the aftermath of the Applewhites' departure; also, Xiao-Mei's more pregnant and they could have Bree realistically able to say yes to Orson's proposal.Poor unlucky-in-love Bree. She went from one disastrous relationship to the next and then to the next. But tonight's biggest highlight for me was Bree experiencing her very first orgasm without even realizing it. I had been wondering what she was exactly referring to... read more

Edie's Nephew Rocks Wisteria Lane

Josh Henderson, Desperate Housewives

ABC's Desperate Housewives doesn’t return for another month yet (Sept. 24), but already there is buzz surrounding the new bad boy who will give Season 3 some extra sizzle. Josh Henderson, best known for his tour of duty on FX's Over There, is joining the sudser as Austin, Edie's naughty nephew. grabbed a few minutes with the Wisteria Lane newcomer — and the rockin' ex-beau of Ashlee Simpson, at that — to preview the hijinks ahead. You're playing read more


King Kong's Jack Black has eloped with his girlfriend, musician Tanya Haden, People reports.... Desperate Housewives' Nicollette Sheridan got engaged to singer-beau Michael Bolton over the weekend.... Extra is saying that Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest had a "first date" — with "a group of friends," just as any online dating service would advise — Saturday night at a Los Angeles restaurant. The supposedly smitten American Idol host hopes never to hear Hatcher say, "Seacrest... out!" read more


NBC has already revealed its game plan for Sunday-night telecasts of next season's NFL games. The Peacock has tapped Bob Costas ("Let's go, Or-ange!") to anchor the four-hour block of coverage, as part of which he will host Football Night in America, which is touted as TV's first ever prime-time-Sunday show about the NFL. (Unless you count Desperate Housewives, whose Nicollette Sheridan has been known to flash the occasional wide receiver.) read more

Knots Landing Reunion: Together...

Knots Landing Reunion: Together AgainI'll say it right away: Knots Landing is my all-time favorite show. So you know I was totally looking forward to this two-hour reunion of the cast of the third-longest-running hourlong drama, which ran from '79 to '93. For the most part, I was not disappointed. What I loved: - The quick recap of all 14 seasons using several of the actors narrating was hilarious and well written. - Speaking of hilarious — shut up that Joan Van Ark and Ted Shackelford did a Wonder Woman episode right before Knots began. Joan calling Ted's costume a big "silver co read more


Speaking of the Housewives: In the December issue of Cosmopolitan, Eva Longoria deflects talk of the divas dueling backstage by calling Marcia Cross "one of the kindest, warmest people," Felicity Huffman "a solid chick," Teri Hatcher a Martha Stewart-like cook and Nicollette Sheridan "the light of the set." Hmm, sounds like someone has a major beef with Alfre Woodard. read more

As previously reported, Nicollette...

As previously reported, Nicollette Sheridan won't appear alongside her old cast mates in Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again on CBS this fall. However, it turns out the Desperate diva has deigned to somehow include herself in the nostalgic proceedings. "She was unavailable for the initial taping due to her Desperate Housewives schedule," producer Michael Levitt told reporters Monday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles. "But it was important enough to her to call and say, 'How can I still be a part of this?' So we were able to work out a special segment with Nicollette that's been integrated into the reunion, which is very, very nice." For more Knots gossip from TCA, click here. read more

What the hell!?!? How could ...

Question: What the hell!?!? How could voters ignore everyone on Nip/Tuck, especially Julian McMahon and Famke Janssen, Denis Leary of Rescue Me, Matthew Fox on Lost, Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell, Shohreh Aghdashloo and Mary Lynn Rajskub of 24 and the true comedic stars of the last half of DH's first season, Eva Longoria and the underused and underappreciated Nicollette Sheridan. I can't believe the dismal Will & Grace continues to score nominations. Damn! What were these people watching? Reno 911 deserved a shot! Why are voters ignoring FX and Comedy Central, yet HBO gets so much acclaim?. I mean, Six Feet Under? Give me a break! How frustrating! Matt, help me see a silver lining! Answer: What, and halt such a full-bodied rant in midstream? The list of indignities goes on and on, doesn't it? But a good point when it comes to basic cable networks like Comedy Central and FX not getting the respect of HBO. I think my heart first sank at the very start of the Emmy nominations broadcast when read more


Desperate Housewives

Nominations for the 57th Emmy Awards were announced this morning and, as expected, ABC's Desperate Housewives cleaned up with 15 nods, including best comedy series and bids for leading ladies Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman. Housewives tied NBC's terminally ill Will & Grace for most nominated series. (No, that wasn't a typo.) ABC's other freshman smash, Lost, scored 12 nods, including best drama series and supporting actors for both Naveen Andrews and Terry O'Quinn. Among the pleasant surprises: long-overdue nominations for NBC's Scrubs and star Zach Braff; supporting nods for The Shield's CCH Pounder and Grey's Anatomy's Sandra Oh; and best-actor nods for Deadwood's [bleepin'] brilliant Ian McShane and House's crabby doc Hugh Laurie. Of course, there were also plenty of glaring omissions, most notably WB's perpetually ignored Gilmo read more

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