Nicollette Sheridan



Nicollette Sheridan Gets New Desperate Housewives Trial

Nicollette Sheridan

Nicollette Sheridan will get a new trial in her wrongful termination case against Desperate Housewives, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Court Denies Nicollette Sheridan Wrongful Termination in Desperate Housewives Case

Nicollette Sheridan

An appeals court denied Nicollette Sheridan's wrongful termination claim against ABC and Touchstone Television, reports. 

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Appeals Court Delays Nicollette Sheridan's Retrial Against Desperate Housewives

Nicollette Sheridan

A retrial of Nicollette Sheridan's wrongful termination lawsuit against the producers of Desperate Housewives has been delayed indefinitely after an appeals court ruled that a key part of the case should have been previously ruled against Sheridan... read more

Kalinda’s Husband! McGarrett’s Mom! 4 New Characters We’re Excited to Meet Next Season

Archie Panjabi, Alex O’Loughlin, Emily Van Camp

Who died? Who lived? This season's TV finales left fans with a host of the normal cliff-hangers, but the biggest burning question on many viewers' mind was who is going to play that role? A number of big shows left the door open to introduce pivotal characters in the fall, including one mysterious husband, and not one, not two, but three long-lost or believed-to-be-dead moms. Before production returns for the fall and casting kicks into high gear, we thought we'd take a closer look at these exciting series cast additions and make our own suggestions. Let the casting games begin... read more

Keck's Exclusives: The Desperate Housewives Wisteria Lane Awards

Desperate Housewives

In honor of Desperate Housewives' conclusion, a panel of judges made up of some of the show's stars — Eva Longoria (Gaby), Felicity Huffman (Lynette), James Denton (Mike), Doug Savant (Tom), Brenda Strong (Mary Alice), Mark Moses (Paul) and Kevin Rahm (Lee) — were asked to select the best and worst moments of the ABC drama's eight seasons. And the winners (and losers) are... read more

Top Moments: Castle's Big Kiss and Nina Dobrev Shows Conan Yoga

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic

Our top moments of the week:

12. Worst Side-Stepping: Who says that Teri Hatcher is estranged from her Desperate Housewives co-stars? Certainly not Eva Longoria, who, during an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman, semi-convincingly reports, "We all get along." Dave isn't buying it, of course, and presses on. "Didn't one get fired?" he asks. (We think he means Nicollette Sheridan.) "Yes, I forgot about that one," Longoria responds. "She didn't get fired. ... She died on the show!" So that's what that pesky multi-million dollar lawsuit was all about!
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Desperate Housewives' Dirty Laundry: Susan Delfino's Wild Ride

Teri Hatcher

Desperate Housewives wraps its eight-season run on Sunday, May 13 (9/8c on ABC) and what a long, strange trip it's been for the ladies of Wisteria Lane! As we prepare to kiss our favorite harried housewives goodbye, takes a look back at each of the four protagonist's biggest triumphs, greatest downfalls and all the juicy hookups, makeups and breakups in between.

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Behind the Scenes for Desperate Housewives' Emotional Series Finale

Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria knows what it's like to be let down by the finale of one of her favorite TV

series. Nearly two years after Lost signed off, she's still grumbling that she wasn't given "a better explanation of what the f--- [the island] was. I wasn't keen on The Sopranos finale, either. All that investment and this is it?"

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Judge Rejects ABC's Request to Dismiss Nicollette Sheridan Case, Schedules Retrial

Nicollette Sheridan

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has denied ABC and Disney's request to dismiss Nicollette Sheridan's wrongful termination case against them, according to E! Online.

Nicollette Sheridan lawsuit ends in a mistrial

"I very, very strongly urge you to continue settlement discussions," Judge Elizabeth Allen White told the attorneys for both sides. She then set a retrial date for Sept. 10.

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Nicollette Sheridan Lawsuit Ends in a Mistrial

Nicollette Sheridan

A judge has declared a mistrial in former Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan's wrongful termination suit against ABC Studios and ABC Entertainment, according to Deadline.

Judge Elizabeth Allen White announced her decision on Monday after the 12-person jury returned to court unable to reach a decision. Last week, the jury told the judge it was deadlocked in an 8-4 decision. On Monday, the jury foreman indicated the split was in Sheridan's favor, according to Deadline. Lawyers for both sides of the case say they plan to seek a new trial.

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