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Chris' Exit Interview
00:34 — Chris is flabbergasted by his Tinkerbelle-inspired elimination.
Kaitlin's Exit Interview
00:23 — Kaitlin expresses regret over not meshing well with the other potential BFFs.
Nicole's Exit Interview
00:40 — Nicole insists she's not a "psycho stalker" and is happy that she got the chance to know Paris.
Arika's Exit Interview
00:30 — Arika expresses regret over not getting to show Paris all of her good qualities.
Paris' Reaction To Arielle
00:29 — Paris just wasn't feeling Arielle's show and tell presentation, so she says goodbye to the "boring, wallflower" BFF-wannabe.
Rachel's Exit Interview
00:21 — Rachel's left in shock when she's the first to be eliminated, but believes "everything happens for a reason."
Monica's Exit Interview
00:35 — Monica names the other girls she thinks should have gone home before she did.
Paris' Reaction To Arika
00:26 — Although she believes Arika really feels bad about her actions, Paris had to send her home because of the broken trust.
Paris' Response To Chris
00:19 — Paris and Tinkerbell both agree that Chris was not BFF material and seemed a bit confused about the difference between friends and friends with benefi (more…)
Paris' Reaction To Rachel
00:22 — Rachel and her "fried, bleached, cotton candy" hair have the tiger AND Paris convinced she's just not BFF material.
Paris' Response To Katie
00:15 — Paris says good riddance to diva-in-the-making Kaite.
Paris' Reaction To Monica
00:19 — Paris explains why Monica's outlandish behavior got her an unexpected "TTYN" at elimination.
Katie's Exit Interview
00:24 — Katie defends her decision to curse out Paris during her explosive elimination.
Kristen's Exit Interview
00:40 — Kristen expresses no regrets about her time in Paris' mansion.
Arielle's Exit Interview
00:34 — Arielle is crushed that Paris couldn't see beneath the makeup and feels she wasn't given a chance at real BFF-ness.
Paris' Response to Kaitlin and Nicole
00:16 — Three 6 Mafia and Nicole's voice helped Paris decide to send Kaitlin and Nicole packing.
Actress Yvette Nicole Brown and Michael Symon Make Corned Beef Sandwich Bread Pudding
02:32 — Actress Yvette Nicole Brown (ABC's "The Mayor") visits "The Chew." Fun fact, she has been on the show more times than any other guest on "The Chew." S (more…)
Judge Judy Empowers Women With 'Her Honor' Program
01:27 — The TV judge opens up to ET about how she's helping to shape the next generation of powerful, successful women through her mentoring program that she (more…)
Fake Email
00:47 — Gumball writes a fake letter for Nicole.
Play Date
02:02 — Nicole sets up a play date for Anais.
Angry Mom
00:49 — Nicole wants Gumball and Darwin to apologize to Richard.
01:59 — Nicole-San is great fighter who kicks butt!
01:24 — Richard interrupts Nicole's dreams and they turn into nightmares.
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