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Lottery Winner: I Gave God His 10%
04:53 — Steve highlights the HGTV show “My Lottery Dream Home,” by introducing viewers to lottery winner PETE BLAKENEY.
The Sand & Soul Festival
02:17 — Steve lets viewers in on his plans for the upcoming “Sand & Soul Fest” at Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, which will take place Columbus D (more…)
Jackpot Dating, Part 1
05:05 — Steve welcomes a woman named SARA, who says that despite being half Irish, she’s 100% “unlucky in love.”
Ask Steve: They Jumped in the River Naked!
04:58 — Steve meets the man who dyes the Chicago River green each year in celebration of St. Patrick's Day!
Luck in the Pot
04:35 — Steve welcomes award-winning Irish chef and author of “Fresh,” DONAL SKEHAN! Donal will show Steve some healthier alternatives to traditional Irish di (more…)
You Get a Trip and You Get a Trip...everyone Gets a Trip!
06:18 — “Travel Mom” EMILY KAUFMAN joins Steve to give away luxurious trips to unsuspecting audience members, including exotic destinations like Anguilla, the (more…)
01:32 — Snooki hires a babysitter for her fake baby Lorenzo.
Wifed Up
00:52 — The boys make fun of The Situation being "Wifed Up" with Paula.
Jersey Shore (Season 6) | Ep. 5 | Recap
03:32 — Missed episode 5 or just short on time? Then catch up with the recap!
01:20 — Vinny and Ronnie replay that awkward moment on Snooki's porch.
Baby At The Bar
01:36 — The roommates are shocked when they see a baby at the bar.
Between Jionni Or Work
01:07 — Snooki hopes that she will never have to decide between being with Jionni or following her dreams.
Grandma's House
01:44 — Snooki checks out her "Grandma Style" house and remembers why she hates the beach so much.
Jionni's Interrogation
00:55 — JWOWW explains how Jionni's interrogation went down and how she feels about his relationship with Snooki.
01:02 — Snooki and JWOWW invest in some high-powered wheelchairs. Episode airs Thursday at 10/9c.
We Got What We Wanted
01:18 — Snooki and JWOWW discuss why they decided to move out and go back home to their boyfriends.
Hot Flash
00:36 — Snooki goes to desperate measures when having hot flashes. Episode airs Thursday at 10/9c.
Bail Out Deena
00:49 — Ronnie and Sammi break the news about Deena's arrest to Snooki and JWOWW. Episode airs Thursday at 10/9c.
Stalker Assistant
02:22 — Pauly D's stalker returns to the Shore Store with her "Stalker Assistant."
My Ride Or Die Chick
01:40 — The Situation starts getting closer with Paula.
Drunk Tank
00:20 — 'Jersey Shore' airs Thursday at 10/9c.
00:51 — Vinny declares an act of celibacy but Ronnie doesn't think he can avoid the temptation.
Always Fighting
01:06 — JWOWW admits that her relationship with Roger was very similar to her 'Jersey Shore' roommates, Ron & Sammi.
Vinny's Big Toe
01:12 — Vinny smashes his big toe and Pauly D can't help but laugh.
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