Gym Tan Laundry
01:05 — GTL = the perfect guido.
Angelina Arrives in Miami
01:18 — Angelina decieds to join the housemates in Miami.
The Cake
01:04 — Who Ate the Cake?
Vinny's Dilemma
01:07 — Vinny can't choose.
Sunday Dinner
01:01 — Last dinner together.
About Last Night
01:51 — Snooki and Jenni discuss what happened the previous night
Sloppy Ronnie
00:45 — Ronnie is sloppy drunk at the club.
Snooki Gets Arrested
02:44 — A day of drink leads to Nicole being arrested for drunk a disorderly conduct on the beach.
Ask Steve: My Son Is Obsessed With Butts!
04:58 — Steve Harvey gets question about fearing squirrels and 5-year-olds who can't keep their hands to themselves!
Hot Tub Situation
01:19 — Mike and a girl put on a show for Vinny; first in the hot tub and then falling down the stairs.
Anonymous Letter
00:53 — Jenni and Nicole are done dealing with Sammi and Ronnie drama. They plan to send Sammi an anonymous letter that will spell out all wrongs Ronnie commi (more…)
Friends With Benefits
00:47 — Mike and Paula.
Sunday Funday
00:44 — Sunday funday at the boardwalk.
Guido Babies
00:36 — Snooki and Jionni have an intimate moment.
Sister Situation
01:13 — Vinny's plan to hit on Mike's sister backfires.
This Escalated Quickly
03:38 — A lover's quarrel between Sammy and Ronnie turns into the largest fight the house has ever seen. MVP tries their best to break it up.
Grenade Whistle
01:37 — Sound the whistle, there's a grenade in the Jersey Shore house.
Date Wait
01:55 — Vinny waits for a date that might stand him up for the second time.
Meatball Prank War
02:10 — The Meatballs start a prank war with Vinny and Pauly.
Ronnie's Party Foul
01:41 — Ronnie over did it and interrupts Mike's evening.
Cry It Out
01:00 — Jenni comforts Nicole while she has a good cry session in the middle of the street.
Ronnie Snaps On the Boardwalk
02:46 — Ronnie gets in a fight after a night of drinking on the boardwalk.
Timbaland: God's Got His Hands On You
05:02 — Steve Harvey sits down with super-producer Timbaland to talk about his new memoir, "The Emperor of Sound," and his emotional journey to success.
Are We Racist?: the Bias Test
07:38 — Steve Harvey kicks off an honest conversation about race relations in America by discussing a racial preference test the audience took before the show (more…)
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