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Sat Jul 1 1:01am
Talking DeadFear the Walking Dead 305(Season 6, Episode 20) AMC

Nicole Polizzi, Danay Garcia and Sam Underwood discuss "Fear the Walking Dead" episode, "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame."

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Mon Jul 3 5:00am
Jersey ShoreA Cheesy Situation(Season 3, Episode 10) MTV

Sammi returns to the house, leaving Ronnie at a loss for words. Meanwhile, Snooki's feelings for Vinny grow, and Mike hooks up with a girl who seems to have a strange odor.

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Mon Jul 3 6:00am
Jersey ShoreGTF---Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting(Season 3, Episode 11) MTV

Mike clues Ronnie in on some of Sammi's suspicious behavior; J-Woww questions Roger's commitment to her; Vinny and Pauly visit Vinny's family in Staten Island.

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Mon Jul 3 7:00am
Jersey ShoreA House Divided(Season 3, Episode 12) MTV

Mike continues to instigate drama between Sammi and Ronnie; Snooki denies Vinny's drunken advances.

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Mon Jul 3 8:00am
Jersey ShoreAt the End of the Day(Season 3, Episode 13) MTV

Summer comes to an end in the Season 3 finale, which finds one couple reaching a crossroads in their relationship, while another couple makes theirs official.

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Mon Jul 3 9:00am
Jersey ShoreA New Family(Season 1, Episode 1) MTV

In the series premiere, four guys and four girls descend on Seaside Heights, N.J., to live together in a rented beach house for the summer. It doesn't take long for a potential romance to heat up between Sammi and Mike (aka "The Situation"), but later he r (more…)

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Mon Jul 3 10:00am
Jersey ShoreThe Tanned Triangle(Season 1, Episode 2) MTV

Snooki feels like an outcast and tells the others she's leaving the shore house. Later, a love triangle emerges when Sammi and Ronnie get flirtatious in the club.

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Mon Jul 3 11:00am
Jersey ShoreGood Riddance(Season 1, Episode 3) MTV

Mike gets jealous when things heat up between Sammi and Ronnie. Meanwhile, Jenni's boyfriend visits, but she has trouble coming clean about kissing Pauly; and Angelina gets fired after refusing to show up for work.

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Mon Jul 3 12:00pm
Jersey ShoreFade to Black(Season 1, Episode 4) MTV

Mike and Pauly try juggling several groups of girls after a busy night out at the clubs. Later, mayhem breaks out when Nicole (aka Snooki) gets assaulted at a bar.

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Mon Jul 3 1:00pm
Jersey ShoreJust Another Day at the Shore(Season 1, Episode 5) MTV

The roommates grow closer following Snooki's violent encounter at the bar, and, finally, she feels like she belongs. Meanwhile, Sammi meets Ronnie's parents for the first time; and Pauly D finally shows off his DJ skills when he spins at Karma.

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Mon Jul 3 2:00pm
Jersey ShoreBoardwalk Blowups(Season 1, Episode 6) MTV

Vinny deals with the consequences of going home with the boss's girl. Later some girls try to start trouble with Snooki, and Ronnie gets involved in a boardwalk brawl. Also: Mike's sister visits the shore house.

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Mon Jul 3 3:00pm
Jersey ShoreWhat Happens in AC(Season 1, Episode 7) MTV

The crew takes Atlantic City by storm, but the fun ends when Mike starts messing with Snooki and JWoWW. Later, one roommate opens up about her struggles with an eating disorder.

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Mon Jul 3 4:00pm
Jersey ShoreOne Shot(Season 1, Episode 8) MTV

Pauly gets a stalker and another roommate lands in jail for fighting.

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Mon Jul 3 5:00pm
Jersey ShoreThat's How the Shore Goes(Season 1, Episode 9) MTV

The roommates say good-bye to the Jersey Shore as Season 1 comes to a close.

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Wed Jul 12 2:00am
Hollywood Medium With Tyler HenryNicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Monica Potter & Tom Arnold(Season 1, Episode 2) E!

Snooki makes an emotional connection with her beloved late uncle; Tyler delivers a life-changing message to Monica Potter from her deceased father; and Tom Arnold finds resolution and closure when he's reconnected to departed family members.

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