Tue May 12 10:30am
Tom and Jerry TalesHo Ho Horrors; Doggone Hill Hog; Northern Light Fish Fight(Season 1, Episode 8) TOON

Tom and Jerry share a dream on Christmas Eve; Spike causes a ruckus with his sled; and Tom tries to steal a fish from Jerry.

Thu May 14 11:00am
Tom and Jerry TalesThe Cat Nebula; Martian Mice; Spaced Out Cat(Season 1, Episode 9) TOON

Jerry goes to space and has a run-in with an alien cat; a UFO abducts the duo; and Tom builds a rocket ship in hopes of impressing his girlfriend.

Fri May 15 10:30am
Tom and Jerry TalesOcto Suave; Beach Bully Bingo; Treasure Map Scrap(Season 1, Episode 10) TOON

The duo battle under the sea; Tom and Jerry team up to fight Butch and Spike at the beach; and the duo search for treasure on an island.

Fri May 15 11:00am
Tom and Jerry TalesWay Off Broadway; Egg Beats; Cry Uncle(Season 1, Episode 3) TOON

The duo try to earn money but end up competing with each other instead; Jerry's music causes Tom's chickens to lay an unusual amount of eggs; and Jerry's uncle moves in.