Nicky Katt



Monk I solved tonight's mystery...

MonkI solved tonight's mystery at precisely 10:07 pm, a new record for me. This was based on my previously outlined theory: recognizable guest star — in this case Nicky Katt — equals guilty. But that meant I could sit back and enjoy the show, which was particularly amusing tonight, despite the serious story line about Stottlemeyer's faltering marriage. Stottlemeyer's stint in anger-management class had more laughs than that awful Jack Nicholson-Adam Sandler flick. When the teacher gave him a yo-yo because "no one can stay mad when they play with a yo-yo," I thought Stottlemeyer was going to find a way to use it as a deadly weapon. Other favorite gags included Monk going nuts because the loose change in a fountain equaled $10.03, and the homeless guy whose pet read more

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