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Nicky Hilton Gushes Over Motherhood: "It's Heaven"
01:05 — The designer dishes on life as a new mom and how she kept off the pregnancy weight. Plus, Nicky spills on Carolina Herrera's collection at New York Fa (more…)
Paris Hilton Apologizes
02:40 — In a very special message from sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton, the celebrity apologizes for using a racial slur in her sex tape.
Nicky Hilton Gives Birth to a Baby Girl!
01:01 — A new Hilton heiress has arrived!
TMZ Hollywood Tour Spotted Jesse Metcalfe, Redfoo and Nicky Hilton!
01:01 — It was Oscar weekend in L.A. and celebs were out and about! The TMZ Tour may not have spotted any Oscar winners but they did spot Jesse Metcalfe, Nick (more…)
Exclusive Details: Kim Richards Skips Niece Nicky Hilton's London Wedding
00:46 — 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star opted to stay stateside to focus on her sobriety in rehab.
Nicky Hilton Steps Out With Newborn Daughter in New York Just 3 Days After Giving Birth
01:14 — The 32-year-old fashion designer clearly has the new mother glow!
Nicky Hilton's Wedding Dress Echoes Princesses Kate, Grace
01:11 — The Hilton heiress got married at Kensington Palace, and wore a stunning dress fit for a princess.
Nicky Hilton Gives Birth to a Baby Girl!
01:02 — A new Hilton heiress has arrived!
Friends reunion coming in Feb - Hollywood TV
Click to Subscribe! - http://bit.ly/SubHTV Hollywood TV is your source for daily celebrity news and gossip! The entire cast of Friends are confirmed (more…)
California Values Watch
If Loretta Sanchez's sister Linda is Nicky Hilton, Loretta is Paris.
Kyle Richards Is No Longer Going to the Wedding
Season 6 Episode 2 Preview: Things have gotten so bad between Kyle and her sisters that she's no longer going to Nicky Hilton's wedding.
Nicky Hilton Just Experienced the Ultimate Holiday Party Fashion Nightmare
She wore the exact same dress as another blonde socialite. Awkward!
Nicky Hilton Does A Double Take …
€ with Tommy Hilfiger € s wife. € Cause the two showed up to a Valentino event in the same dress! No wonder they look like they wan (more…)
A Day with the Hiltons Pt2
04:31 — Before brunch with the Hiltons, Katie and Kelly Mills stop by the salon and get their hair done by Kathy Hilton's hairstylist, Christophe. Then the lu (more…)
A Day with the Hiltons Pt. 3
05:07 — Following their celebrity makeover, Katie and Kelly Mills head back to the Bel Air Hotel for brunch. Kathy Hilton talks about being a wife, mother and (more…)
A Day with the Hiltons Pt. 5
03:56 — After spending a full day in the life of the Hiltons that included the spa, brunch and lots of shopping, it's almost time for Katie and Kelly Mills to (more…)
A Day with the Hiltons Pt1
03:44 — "Kathy Hilton takes her daughters Paris and Nicky out for a very special Mother's Day. But they don't plan on doing it alone. A lucky regular mother a (more…)
A Day with the Hiltons Pt4
03:54 — After their Mother's Day brunch, Katie and Kelly Mills learn what it's like to shop with Kathy, Nicky and Paris Hilton on Rodeo Drive. The girls not o (more…)
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