Nick Watt Celebrity Watchlist

Watt's World Season 1
Quick-witted reporter Nick Watt explores the world to answer burning questions.
Watt's World Season 1
Quick-witted reporter Nick Watt explores the world to answer burning questions.
Nick Watt from ABC News in Detroit Area as Part of GMA 40th Anniversary Celebration
Nick Watt from ABC News in Detroit area as part of GMA 40th anniversary celebration.
Interpreting the UN
Nick auditions to be an interpreter for the United Nations, with mixed results.
Nick Watt Talks Exploring The Globe In The Travel Channel's 'Watt's World'
Journalist Nick Watt joins HuffPost Live to talk about his new show € Watt € s World. €
'Stomp' Audition
Nick channels his inner dancer as when he auditions for Stomp.
5 Reasons to Visit Saba
You won't find the Caribbean island on many globes, but you should travel there.
Why Cuba's Revolution Is Over
With Cuban normalization in full swing, the revolution is on life support.
Mile-High Weed
Nick Watt explores the ever-growing weed culture in Colorado.
Meet Nick Watt
Get to know the 'Watt's World' host as he talks from his hometown in Scotland.
Portland's Voodoo Doughnut
Even the tourist traps in Portland, OR, are weird - deliciously weird.
Top 5 Reasons France Is Cool
Nick Watt shows you why the French aren't as rude as we think.
Dominica Centenarians
Nick Watt learns how to live a long, healthy life from those who have done it.
Alaska's Survival Foods
Learn to eat like a local in the frozen tundra of the Arctic Circle.
Shady Shampoo
Nick goes behind bars at a women's prison in Italy.
Spiritual Sweat Lodge
Nick channels Mount Shasta's spiritual energy by jumping into a sweat lodge.
Nick Watt's Hometown Tips
Nick Watt takes you through a typical day in Scotland.
A Day With Nick Watt
Spend a day in Scotland with Watt's World host, Nick Watt.
Nick's Favorite Scottish Eats
Nick Watt shows off his favorite foods in his home town.
Nick's Top 5 in Mount Shasta
Nick's top 5 spiritual locations at California's mystical Mount Shasta.
Top 5 Local Spots in Venice
Nick's top 5 places to visit to avoid the tourists in Venice, Italy.
Nick Watt's Hometown
Go on an exclusive tour of Jedburgh, Scotland, with the host of Watt's World.
How to Move to Italy
Nick breaks down his 5-step process for moving to the Italian countryside.
Top 3 Reasons to Visit Albania
Nick's top 3 reasons to visit this American-loving, pleasantly weird country.
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