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Scorpion - Big Scorpion Earthquake
04:50 — The Scorpion team encounters a big earthquake.
Scorpion - More Than Words
02:26 — Toby is the happiest he can be and he doesn't want to ruin it.
Scorpion - Super Size Gas
02:16 — The Scorpion team works together to save the city of Los Angeles.
Scorpion - Scorpion Chemistry Experiment: Robert Patrick & Jadyn Wong
02:43 — Agent Gallo and Happy are two of the most level-headed characters on Scorpion. Will they be able to keep their cool on this edition of Scorpion Show G (more…)
Scorpion - Scorpion Chemistry Experiment: Elyes Gabel & Katharine McPhee
02:15 — They click on screen as Walter and Paige. See how Elyes Gabel and Katharine McPhee work together on this edition of Scorpion Show Game.
Scorpion - Scorpion Chemistry Experiment: Ari Stidham & Eddie Kaye Thomas
01:51 — They're brilliant as Sylvester and Toby. They're also brilliant at the Scorpion Show Game!
Scorpion - Run For Cover
02:03 — Walter endangers his life.
Scorpion - Weird Is Good
01:51 — Paige assures Walter that he is great the way he is.
Scorpion - It Has To Go Down!
03:32 — Cabe fights Merrick in order to stop the rocket ship and Linda from exploding.
Trailer No. 1
Trailer No. 1
Scorpion - We're Stuck!
04:33 — The Scorpion team figures out a way to get rid of all the panels.
Scorpion - Finding Solutions
02:13 — Sylvester and his father work together to get out of the sticky situation they are in.
Scorpion - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
03:30 — While Walter and Paige distract the President, Sylvester reconnects with his father.
Scorpion - You Ask, They Tell: Robert Patrick
02:06 — Robert Patrick is America's favorite badass. Find out how he takes his coffee, where he'd go if he could time travel, and what songs he'd put on an ex (more…)
Scorpion - Are They Alive?
04:00 — Toby and Happy almost freeze to death until Walter and Cabe rescue them.
Scorpion - Snowball Fight
02:06 — After a rough day, Paige organizes a gathering with the Scorpion team.
Scorpion - That's Love
03:56 — After her near death experience, Happy has an intimate moment with her father.
Scorpion - You Ask, They Tell: Ari Stidham
02:37 — If Ari Stidham could snap his fingers and learn anything, what would it be? Does he have any secret talents? What would he take with him to Mars? Find (more…)
Scorpion - You Ask, They Tell: Elyes Gabel
02:12 — He's lived in the US, the UK, and Canada, played a mythical horse-warrior, and fronted a funky folk band. Elyes Gabel plays Walter O'Brien on Scorpio (more…)
Scorpion - You Ask, They Tell: Katharine McPhee
02:42 — Katharine McPhee sits down with the CBS Eyelab to discuss her transition from singing to acting, her charitable work to help end Malaria, and why rose (more…)
Scorpion - A Rocketship To The Stars
04:10 — Walter finally is able to let go of his sisters ashes.
Scorpion - A Crack In The Dam
05:02 — Cabe almost falls down the dam as he tries to patch it up.
Scorpion - Raging River
04:15 — Happy nearly drowns when she is sucked in the river dam.
Scorpion - Back To College
04:21 — The Scorpion team prepares to go back to college for a mission.
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