Nick Offerman



  • The Office "Greg Daniels has proven himself to be a veritable Gandalf of television comedy. Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, and TV's second-best ensemble make me chortle frequently, and even weep now and again. I love them. That Steve Carell has not won an Emmy for his work as Michael Scott is nothing short of criminal. "
  • This Old House "I like anything with Norm Abrams, New Yankee Workshop, This Old House, etc. I appreciate his attempt to educate the American public in the crafts of Woodworking and home improvement. We should all be able to use a hammer, if not a spokeshave. "
  • 30 Rock "Nobody writes better jokes than Tina Fey and her army of zinger-smiths. Watching Jack McBrayer is like eating the most delicious pecan pie with cornpone ice cream. Alec Baldwin has long been my hero, both in steely delivery and body hair. "
  • Flight of the Conchords "I love shows like this and Gavin and Stacey, Summer Heights High. Some imported top-drawer humor with incredible heart. "
  • Childrens Hospital "The most delightfully irreverent comedy on television. Rob Corddry has created a no-rules playground for some of the top chucklemasters working today, and they absolutely tear it up. I may be slightly biased, but [Offerman's wife] Megan Mullally is the most versatile, venerable, ridiculously foxy woman working in comedy. Combine her work on this show (as Chief) with Karen Walker (Will & Grace) and Lydia on Party Down, not to mention her Broadway triumphs, and you have the makings of a legend. I could go on. "

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