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Katharine McPhee Files for Divorce

Katharine McPhee has filed for divorce from her husband Nick Cokas,People reports.

"After six years of marriage, and having been separated for the past year, Katharine McPhee has filed for a dissolution of marriage from Nick Cokas," a rep for the actress said. "The two have an amicable relationship and will remain friends. They ask that people respect their privacy during this time." 

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VIDEO: Lights Out

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Lights Out
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Length: 21:19:34
Aired: 9/28/2005

At the ranger station, Russell discovers a barely alive Air Force officer named Paxton (Nick Cokas) -- who's wearing a wet suit. watch

VIDEO: Lights Out

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Lights Out
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Length: 44:00
Aired: 9/28/2005

At the ranger station, Russell discovers a barely alive Air Force officer named Paxton (NICK COKAS)--who's wearing a wet suit. watch


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Idol Engagement, Angelina's Adoption and More Love Notes

Katharine McPhee has gotten engaged to Nick Cokas, an actor neither you nor I have heard of and who is almost 20 years her senior, People reports.... Sex and the City's Mr. Big, Chris Noth, is expecting a baby with girlfriend Tara Wilson, the New York Post says.... Despite protests from a woman claiming to be the child's (supposedly dead) birth mother, Angelina Jolie can keep 2-year-old Zahara, says the adoption agency that handled the transfer of the Ethiopian infant to her celebufamily.... OMG, Lance Armstrong, like, so doesn't like Ashley Olsen, y'know, like that. (Snicker, snicker.) "[We] are strictly friends," the biker boy tells the New York Post. "We have hung out.... And she strikes me as a nice, smart lady." Did you hear that, Ash? Nice and smart! No wonder his ex Sheryl Crow felt it necessary to announce that "his personal life... is none of my business." Ohhh, there's so gonna be a catfight after gym class! — Ben Katner read more

Idol's McPhee, Pam Anderson Heading for Weddings

Sources close to American Idol alumna Katharine McPhee tell OK! Magazine that the 23-year-old singer is engaged to be married to her actor-beau, Nick Cokas, 42. Let me guess, they're setting a date for either May or December?.... Twice-married Pamela Anderson and new paramour Rick "One Night in Paris" Salomon were granted a marriage license on Saturday in Las Vegas, reports the AP. Now that is going to be a helluva wedding video. read more

Idol Alum Katharine McPhee: "I Have a Bit of a Wild Streak"

In a candid Q&A, American Idol sweetheart Katharine McPhee opens up to TV Guide about her surprising debut CD, her battle with bulimia and what Simon said to make her cry. TV Guide: How did being on American Idol change you? Katharine McPhee: When you're in that [competitive] place, everything you hear affects you because you're already so sensitive and stressed and tired and overworked. When people ask me, "How was the experience?" my first reaction is always negative, which is not right of me. I think I'll look back at this 40 or 50 years from now, and it'll be like, "Wow, I was part of history." TV Guide: What was the hardest part? McPhee: I think those Idol forums — like A read more

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