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Daisy Reacts to Seeing Army of LMD Daisys
04:12 — Daisy and Simmons face off after seeing horrible things.
Daisy Takes On LMD Mace, Coulson and Mack
01:45 — Daisy is not going down without a fight.
Another LMD Detected: Is It Fitz or Simmons?
03:54 — He thinks it's her and she thinks it's him. Watch the emotionally grueling standoff.
On to Them
01:30 — Fitz and Simmons try to hide their nerves as they face their LMD teammates.
Will Aida Save the Superior?
01:05 — The Superior's life is now in Aida's hands.
Coulson and May’s Flirtatious Flashback
01:11 — It's clear sparks have been flying between these two since the beginning.
Fitz and Simmons's Shocking LMD Discovery
02:36 — They were all separated for an unaccounted amount of time.
The Superior Targets Coulson
03:33 — His use of Mace as bait succeeds in luring Coulson to him.
Can S.H.I.E.L.D. Save Mace?
02:09 — Mace fights for his life while the Superior waits for S.H.I.E.L.D.
Radcliffe Tells Agnes About the Framework
01:39 — Coulson and Mack's plan backfires when Agnes goes with Radcliffe.
Director Mace Is Captured
02:16 — Mace figures out his place on the team and faces the Russians alone.
Senator Nadeer Dies in an Explosion
02:10 — In a turn of events, Shockley goes through Terrigenesis and explodes.
Sneak Peek Episode 13: Where Is Radcliffe Hiding?
01:33 — Daisy tries to get answers out of Shockley.
What Has Radcliffe Been Hiding?
02:03 — Radcliffe reveals he's been developing something that can destroy Inhumans.
The Koenigs Return
03:25 — Operation Hot Potato is compromised and Billy is captured.
LMD May Gets Radcliffe the Darkhold
03:22 — LMD May gets quaked by Daisy, twice, yet still manages to secure the Darkhold for Radcliffe. Unfortunately for her, Radcliffe says she wasn't built to (more…)
Coulson Is Blindsided After He Kisses May
01:16 — He realizes what has happened when she pulls a gun on him.
LMD Radcliffe Rattles Fitz
02:36 — LMD Radcliffe tells Fitz he knew his father.
Season 5, Episode 2: The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
During a heart attack, Londo experiences an epiphany and apologizes to G'Kar. Lennier surprises Delenn with unwelcome news: he is quitting as her aide (more…)
Season 5, Episode 8: Day of the Dead
A comedy team (comedic magicians Penn & Teller) visits Babylon 5. During a macabre alien celebration, station residents meet spirits of the dead.
Meet the New Boss
Daisy goes to battle Ghost Rider at a terrible cost, and Coulson faces the new Director, whose bold agenda surprises them all.
New Kid on the Block
09:10 — Things are definitely heating up at Sunset Tan. The staff grows with the addition of Nick's girlfriend Ania, but when Janelle tries to take his gal pa (more…)
Head Shots
08:26 — The task force shuts down a business and Sarah and Holder unite to seek "the voice." The guards offer Seward motivation to comply with orders.
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