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In Plain Sight's McCormack: Mary "Has No Interest in Being Pregnant"

In Plain Sight

"What is it with babies? I don't get 'em!"

Tough-as-nails workaholic U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) uttered those very words in the first season of In Plain Sight. Now, three years later, an unexpected pregnancy will force Mary to finally face the music and, maybe, understand motherhood during what might be her toughest assignment yet.

"Mary's not into the physical changes, she's not into the miracle of pregnancy. She has no interest in being pregnant or being a mother," McCormack tells "I don't know what... read more

Michaela Conlin Teases Bones' Surprising New Romance

Michaela Conlin with Nichole Hiltz, Bones

The reveal doesn't come entirely out of left field — it had been established that Angela likes her men and her women — but still, expect some murmuring tonight on Bones (8 pm/ET, Fox), when a beautiful blast from the forensic femme's past resurfaces. Michaela Conlin shares a peek at whether Angela's old flame might heat up a reconciliation for her and Hodgins. So... Angela has a girlfriend.
Michaela Conlin: For now, yes. [Laughs] Who knows how long it will last. It's somebody she dated in college, they had a relationship. And now she's back for a bit. How hot-and-heavy were Angela and Roxy, back in the day?
Conlin: I'm sure it probably was like any relationship — I don't think they were exclusive. It was what it was. But they were together for a little while.

Read on for much more, including Conlin's take on an Angela-Thirteen hook-up! read more

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