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Sun Jan 22 10:00pm
QuanticoODENVY(Season 2, Episode 8) ABC

At the Farm, Lydia and Owen teach the group about lying and cutting off relationships; and, in the future, Alex and company set out to destroy the biological weapon.

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Mon Jan 23 10:01pm
QuanticoCLEOPATRANew(Season 2, Episode 9) ABC

In the Season 2 midseason premiere, the recruits are taught the art of seduction, which Alex utilizes to get closer to Owen; and, in the future, she learns who the terrorists are.

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Sun Jan 29 10:00pm
ConvictionPast, Prologue & What's to ComeNew(Season 1, Episode 13) ABC

In the Season 1 finale, the failed case of a man found guilty of murdering his wife is revisited, which happened to be the case on which Hayes met Wallace nearly 10 years before. Meanwhile, a CIU team member must revisit their suspect actions in a controve (more…)

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Mon Jan 30 10:01pm
QuanticoJMPALMNew(Season 2, Episode 10) ABC

Owen teaches the recruits a lesson about betrayal that includes trying to get the Venezuelan consul to turn on his country; and, in the future, Alex teams with Miranda to save the hostages while President Haas plans to end the crisis once and for all.

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