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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Time After Time"

Sam and Dean temporarily put aside their quest to bring down Dick Roman long enough for Dean to get thrown back in time to 1944. So while Dean's hanging with Mr. Untouchable himself, Eliot Ness, Sam's trying to figure out a way to bring him back to the future.

There's a smile on my face as I'm writing this blog. The smile started while I was watching this episode and it hasn't stopped since. This is the first Supernatural this season that has blown me away from beginning to end. It's a complete success. I have no major complaints. It makes me happy to write that, however, this wasn't a given. These '40s noir-themed episodes TV shows like to do from time to time aren't normally my favorites. Everyone wants to do them but not everybody can do them right. Supernatural did it right and then some.

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Ghost in the Machine

What is it with the writers for this show? They have been using a lot of song titles lately, but either way, there was certainly more action and intrigue in this episode.Foss is back, and boy is Kyle upset with him. Kyle wants to know where he was and what he was doing. He does admit that he sent the photos to Declan or Lori, but that is really no surprise. Is Foss really not to be trusted or is there more that meets the eye here? Foss is not helping his case by not coming clean to Kyle.For some strange reason, Lori wants to go to the spot where Jessi killed the hunter. It ends up being a gang field trip:Kyle and Declan — who can’t seem to stop Lori from going.Josh and Andy — who just want to do something different.Jessi — who wants to be near Kyle or Declan, and she is back from being reprogrammed.Amanda — who notices how Jessi is reacting to Kyle and will not let the two of them be alone. Is there a little jealousy there?Was that a zing by Andy against Jos... read more

July 2, 2007: Balancing Act

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted. I’ve had a busy few days at work. For those who don’t realize, I am not a full-time writer for TV Guide. I consider it a perk and I enjoy it, but my real job has a way of sometimes getting in the way.At the start of the episode, Kyle is talking about how he needs to try to balance his life between the demands of Foss and the Tragers. We see him disappear very early to go run steps. Later on we see him walking over poles/boxes while carrying 200 pounds, then climbing something similar to a rock wall. Yes, all this stuff is important for physical fitness, but I am not sure what purpose that really has in “training” Kyle's body to match his mind. Kyle's abilities seem to be linked to stress, or adrenaline. When the adrenaline starts to flow, Kyle can do extraordinary things, like walk through fire without getting burned or making an impossible leap. Steven's company was purchased all of a sudden, but he does not know... read more

June 25, 2007: The List Is Life

My head was so not into this episode this evening. I have Bon Jovi on the brain. Sorry about that, gang.The other issue I have is that there are too many pieces that don't add up or make sense.I know that Kyle is filmed in Vancouver and that the show is supposed to take place in the PacWest. It is supposed to be the start of the school year (Aug/Sept). Why was it cold enough to wear coats and scarves? But I loved the beach scene. It actually makes me miss the time I spent out in that area.So Zzyzx is controlled by Madacorp. If Madacorp has the power to "reprogram" Jessi in one day, don't they have the same ability to get the information out of Kyle's head?I am trying to figure out what is up with Declan? He is in love with Lori and does not want to break up with her. But he does. Why? Is the secret that Kyle asked him to protect consuming him? Why didn't Lori try to talk to Declan sooner? Why did she need to be drunk to confront Declan?Why couldn't Kyle tell Amanda that Charlie was ... read more

June 11, 2007: The Prophet

I hope everyone enjoyed tonight’s premiere. What did you all think? Here are some of my thoughts.Overall I liked the episode. Not loved but liked. My biggest issue with this episode is the violence. The reason I fell in love with the show in the first place was for its nonviolent story lines. Now in this one episode, they murder several people, show gun violence and bombs, and blow up a building. From what I’ve seen of the upcoming episodes, there is more violence to come. This does not make me happy.I am having a bit of a hard time wrapping my brain around some of the backstory. Firstly, saying that Einstein was born seven weeks late seems like something that could be easily verified. I did try but could not find any proof — every source I found said his birth was pretty normal.Kyle being in a test tube/incubator is believable. I still don’t know if he is a clone of Adam or not. They sort of left that question very open. The other nagging question that I have co... read more

June 4, 2007: Endgame

Before the second season of Kyle XY premieres next Monday, June 11, here's a refresher of where we left off. I spent last weekend watching Season 1 on DVD (available at Amazon), and the special extended-cut version of the DVD has some differences, but I think it works better.At the start of the last episode, Kyle's in the hospital recovering from his seizure on the merry-go-round, which befell him while straining to hear Declan and Charlie’s conversation. While he is in the hospital, we find out that Kyle supposedly disappeared five years earlier on his way to school. He was living in Hong Kong at that time. We also find out that the supposed reason that Kyle has no belly button is because as a child he had several operations to reposition his organs, and as a result, he was left without a belly button.Does anyone else find this hard to believe? First, if they really did that type of surgery, there would be visible scars on his skin that a trained eye, like a doctor, would be a... read more

Meet the Parents

Welcome to another episode of Men in Trees [Thursdays at 10 pm/ET, on ABC]. This week's installment, "The Indecent Proposal," was written by our creator, Jenny Bicks. She is also a great blogger, so you should check out what she says about this one on the writers' blog at I know it sounds like I'm plugging the ABC website every week, but I promise I'm not some shameless promoter for the network. I just enjoy reading what our writers are thinking. This episode was exciting for me because it's the first time I have a scene with Jane (Seana Kofoed). In fact, this will be the first time that our characters ever speak to one another on the show. Seana and I were always saying to each other, "Wouldn't it be hilarious if Jane went out to Queens with Annie and met her insane family?" Well, Jenny Bicks must be a mind reader, because that's exactly what happens! Annie is bringing Patrick home to meet the parents and announce their engagement, and she tries to set up Jane with her cut... read more

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