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VIDEO: Samantha's Super Maid

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Samantha's Super Maid
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Length: 12:57:12
Aired: 1/2/1969

Feeling that Samantha needs time to cultivate people who might help Darrin's career, Mrs. Stephens persuades her reluctant daughter-in-law to hire a maid. The first applicant turns down the job when she learns about Tabitha, but Amelia, plump and sweet, can't be put off, even with Samantha's description of her demands. Darrin and Samantha know it's dangerous to have a maid, with all the witchcraft -- including Tabitha's -- going on. However, Amelia is so devoted that neither can fire her. While Amelia is out Samantha confides her problem to Endora, who whips up a violent storm, spreading chaos throughout the house. Then Mrs. Stephens arrives with the very social Mrs. Otis. Samantha declares that Amelia loves challenges and will set things right in no time. When Mrs. Otis gets a glint in her eye, Samantha adds that Amelia is a marvelous cook, and uses witchcraft to make everything perfect. Mrs. Otis tries to lure Amelia away but she refuses, insisting she's never been so happy. However, when Amelia reveals she's putting her son through college, Mrs. Otis doubles her salary offer. Before Amelia can refuse, Samantha zaps her into accepting the job with Mrs. Otis, and smiles with satisfaction. watch

VIDEO: Samantha's Supermaid

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Samantha's Supermaid
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Length: 26:00
Aired: 1/2/1969

To please Darrin's mother, Samantha reluctantly hires a maid. watch

VIDEO: Tabitha's Cranky Spell

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Tabitha's Cranky Spell
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Length: 13:43:05
Aired: 3/19/1968

While Darrin is away, Samantha stops Tabitha from witchcraft and argues with Endora about it. Then Larry Tate invites Samantha to dinner with the Bakers, hoping she can persuade Mr. Baker to modernize his firm's package. When Samantha protests she has no baby sitter, Louise insists on sending over her Aunt Emma. She arrives at the Stephens with a ouija board, hoping to contact her fiancée, Mr. Henderson, in the next world. At the Tates, Mr. Baker refuses to make any change in his Uncle Willie's business. As Aunt Emma works on the ouija board, Tabitha floats toys around. When a rocking horse goes by, Aunt Emma, sure it's Mr. Henderson's reincarnation, phones the Tates. Samantha, sensing trouble, cuts off the call and leaves for home. The Bakers and the Tates, hearing about a ghost, troop along. At the Stephens, Aunt Emma concentrates on the rocking horse ghost of Mr. Henderson. Samantha declares she was dreaming and to prove it, twitches her to sleep. In the kitchen. Mrs. Baker sees some milk floating up to Tabitha, and demands a seance to conjure up Uncle Willie. Baker thinks it's one of Larry's tricks and cancels his account. Samantha returns to the Bakers, to persuade him to change his mind by impersonating Uncle Willie. She is stunned when the old gentlemen's ghost appears. He asks Samantha's help to keep Baker from ruining his business. When Samantha assumes Uncle Willie's form, Baker thinks it's an actor hired by Larry. Convinced by her recital of some boyish pranks, he calls Larry to plan a new image for the firm. Samantha is amused when Baker and Larry both claim credit for the change. watch


Samantha's Super Maid
Tabitha's Cranky Spell
The Guests

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1972 The Great Northfield, Minnesota Raid Movie, Actor - Doll Woman
1969 Bewitched: Samantha's Super Maid
Season 5, Episode 14
Episode, Actor - Amelia
1965 The Fugitive: Crack in a Crystal Ball
Season 3, Episode 3
Episode, Actor - Mrs. Daniels
1963 Gunsmoke: Panacea Sykes
Season 8, Episode 31
Episode, Actor - Panacea
1962 Wagon Train: The Heather Mahoney Story
Season 5, Episode 37
Episode, Actor - Mother O'Hara

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