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Stephen Hawking's Breakthrough Starshot Mission
05:13 — Physicist Stephen Hawking teams up with a Russian billionaire for a project to send tiny spacecrafts to Alpha Centauri, and Fox News's Neil Cavuto rem (more…)
Republican Debate Cold Open
06:03 — Maria Bartiromo (Cecily Strong) and Neil Cavuto (Kyle Mooney) moderate the latest Republican debate.
Syria Conflict & End Times Prophecy
According to Fox News' Neil Cavuto and Armageddon enthusiast Joel Rosenberg, the Syrian conflict may bring about the apocalypse.
Obama's Overtime Pay Expansion
President Obama bypasses Congress to pass new overtime rules, and Fox News's Neil Cavuto warns of the hidden dangers of paying people for their work.
Rich White Guys Agreeing with Each Other Alert - Neil Cavuto
Fast-food employees want their wages doubled, while Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto shares his inspiring story of upward mobility.
'Your World With Neil Cavuto' Technical Difficulties With Marc Thiessen II
'Your World With Neil Cavuto' Technical Difficulties With Marc Thiessen
'Your World With Neil Cavuto' Technical Difficulties With Guest
'Your World With Neil Cavuto' Technical Difficultiess With Guest
Fox's Neil Cavuto On GOP Debate Commercial Break Oddities
03:28 — The candidates tend to wander when the cameras are off.
Fox's Neil Cavuto On Moderating the Republican Debate
02:59 — Keeping the candidates on topic was a tough job.
Fox News Hosts Rip Star Wars Craze
Fox News has decided to pick a fight with Star Wars. On live cable television this week, anchor Neil Cavuto and Carly Shimkus expressed how much they (more…)
Rick Perry Gets Some Love From Fox and Then He Doesn't
Fox News gives plenty of time to political conservatives but that doesn't mean every one of them gets a pass. Just ask Rick Perry who gets tons of lov (more…)
Neil Cavuto Has Had It With Michele Bachmann
Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto and retiring Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) engaged in a war of words on Wednesday over House Speaker John Boehner's (R-O (more…)
Michele Bachmann Gets Into Shouting Match With Neil Cavuto
On Wednesday's 'Your World' on the Fox News Channel, a heated exchange erupted between host Neil Cavuto and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) over Speaker (more…)
Fox News Hosts Mock Caitlyn Jenner
By and large, the arrival of Caitlyn Jenner was treated with admirable sensitivity by the media Monday. Over at the Fox News networks though? Not so m (more…)
Bachmann Accuses The Obama Administration Of 'Lawlessness' On Obamacare
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) railed against the Obama administration on Fox News' 'Your World with Neil Cavuto' Wednesday, criticizing the White Ho (more…)