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Sun Apr 23 9:00am
White CollarJudgment Day(Season 3, Episode 16) ION

Neal's commutation is threatened by Agent Kramer, forcing Peter to choose a side in the Season 3 finale. To help his case, Neal tries to correct a mistake from his past.

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Sun Apr 23 10:00am
White CollarWanted(Season 4, Episode 1) ION

Peter tries to find Neal on a remote island before a bounty hunter locates him first in the Season 4 premiere.

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Sun Apr 23 11:00am
White CollarMost Wanted(Season 4, Episode 2) ION

Peter comes up with a strategy to return Neal to the U.S. before Collins catches him.

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Sun Apr 23 12:00pm
White CollarDiminishing Returns(Season 4, Episode 3) ION

The guys track a brilliant thief who's eluded the FBI for years.

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Sun Apr 23 1:00pm
White CollarParting Shots(Season 4, Episode 4) ION

The guys suspect fraud when a beautiful widow stands to receive a hefty life-insurance payout.

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Sun Apr 23 2:00pm
White CollarHonor Among Thieves(Season 4, Episode 5) ION

Neal strikes a deal with an art thief, who has information about his past, and must steal an important piece of art behind the backs of Peter and the FBI.

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Sun Apr 23 3:00pm
White CollarIdentity Crisis(Season 4, Episode 6) ION

Mozzie, Neal and Peter hunt for treasure following clues Mozzie believes were left by a spy ring.

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Sun Apr 23 4:00pm
White CollarCompromising Positions(Season 4, Episode 7) ION

A cunning political fixer tries to sabotage the trial of a criminal Peter put in jail.

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Sun Apr 23 5:00pm
White CollarAncient History(Season 4, Episode 8) ION

The team look into museum heists in which rare artifacts are targeted.

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Sun Apr 23 6:00pm
White CollarGloves Off(Season 4, Episode 9) ION

Peter and Neal infiltrate a white-collar boxing ring in which Wall Street traders fight for insider information.

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Sun Apr 23 7:00pm
White CollarVested Interest(Season 4, Episode 10) ION

An FBI conference is targeted by a thief, who has a plan to steal something extremely valuable.

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Sun Apr 23 8:00pm
White CollarFamily Business(Season 4, Episode 11) ION

Neal targets an Irish mobster involved in counterfeiting whiskey and attempts to uncover the truth about his father's crime.

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Sun Apr 23 9:00pm
White CollarBrass Tracks(Season 4, Episode 12) ION

Peter and Neal look into Senator Pratt's ties to corrupt cops who framed Neal's father. Their investigation also leads them to a real-estate developer running a kickback scheme.

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Sun Apr 23 10:00pm
White CollarEmpire City(Season 4, Episode 13) ION

A forgery and money-laundering case has links to jazz and taxicabs.

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Sun Apr 23 11:00pm
White CollarShoot the Moon(Season 4, Episode 14) ION

Peter and Neal take different approaches to catch a criminal duo caught up in a whirlwind romance.

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Mon Apr 24 12:00am
White CollarThe Original(Season 4, Episode 15) ION

Peter and Neal investigate sculpture forgeries and also get closer to the truth about the evidence box.

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Mon Apr 24 7:00am
Today04-24-2017New NBC

The cast of "Amelie" perform. Also: "Drop 10 Today With Joy Bauer and Dr. Oz"; high-tech unplugged; "Today Beauty"; Jessica Chastain and Blake Lively on Variety's Power of Women Luncheon; Dulé Hill; Alfonso Ribeiro; Dr. Oz; "Today Food."

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Tue Apr 25 7:00am
Today04-25-2017New NBC

Andrea Martin on "Great News"; "Rossen Reports"; "Drop 10 Today With Joy Bauer and Dr. Oz"; the cast of "Dear Evan Hansen" perform; Alfonso Ribeiro; Robert Frank on "Secret Lives of the Super Rich"; Jason Jones on "The Detour"; "It's in the Bag"; "Don't Be (more…)

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Tue Apr 25 9:30pm
Imaginary MaryIn a World Where Worlds CollideNew(Season 1, Episode 5) ABC

Alice wants to meet Ben's friends, but Ben is hesitant. Later: he makes a startling admission after devising a plan to impress her.

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Wed Apr 26 7:00am
Today04-26-2017New NBC

"Drop 10 Today With Joy Bauer and Dr. Oz"; "Rossen Reports"; the cast of "Anastasia" perform.

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Thu Apr 27 7:00am
Today04-27-2017New NBC

Dr. Phil McGraw; Kitty Green on Netflix's "Casting JonBenet"; "In Trump They Trust"; "Rossen Reports"; the cast of "Groundhog Day" perform; Jenna Elfman; Geena Davis on "A League of Their Own"; TV sitcoms throwback; "Tech Out This Travel Gear."

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Fri Apr 28 7:00am
Fri Apr 28 5:00pm
Rio 2 FXM

Blu and his family embark on an Amazonian adventure when Jewel decides their kids should see the world, but the overprotective father begins to fear that his clan will abandon him once they've experienced life in the wild.

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Sat Apr 29 3:00pm
Rio 2 FXM

Blu and his family embark on an Amazonian adventure when Jewel decides their kids should see the world, but the overprotective father begins to fear that his clan will abandon him once they've experienced life in the wild.

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