Natalie Martinez

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  • Birth Place: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Model
Week 12: Titans at Raiders Game Highlights 2013
15:52 — Week 12: Titans at Raiders Game Highlights 2013
Nate Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi
11:25 — Japanese superstar Takanori Gomi hopes his historic striking power will win this bout with Nate Diaz. Returning to lightweight, Diaz is well aware tha (more…)
A Sneak Peek at "Secrets and Lies"
02:00 — Season 2 of the hit drama, Secrets and Lies, focuses on Eric Warner (Michael Ealy), the smart, well-educated heir apparent to his family's private equ (more…)
APB Teaser
01:38 — The cast and crew of APB provide an inside look of FOX's new high-tech cop drama.
Under The Dome: But I'm Not Trailer
03:24 — Chester's Mill residents appear inside and outside the Dome following an exit into the tunnels beneath the town. Meanwhile, the Dome begins to reveal (more…)
Season 7: Csi: NY: Clip 2 Trailer
01:11 — Sela Ward ("House," "Sisters," "Once and Again") stars as Jo Danville, the newest CSI team member.
Gideon One-Liners: Smart Mouth
01:16 — Check out some of Gideon's best one-liners from the APB episode, "Ricochet."
Murphy and Team Are Under Fire
00:52 — DV8 takes control of the police drones and begins firing at Murphy and team.
Scott Murphy Inquires About the Situation at the 13th District
00:43 — Gideon tells Scott Murphy to tell the mayor to keep his nose out of the 13th district and let them do their job.
Apb: Ricochet Trailer
00:20 — Gideon tracks down the culprit behind a series of terrorist attacks.
Apb: Pandora's Box Trailer
00:20 — Gideon's life is in danger, so Conrad sends him home to get away from District 13, but Gideon and Murphy become trapped in his secret lab when the men (more…)
Gideon’s One-Liners: Just Ask NASA
01:00 — Check out some of Gideon's best one-liners from the APB episode, "Strange Bedfellows."
Gideon Asks Ada to Come Back to Work
01:08 — Gideon visits Ada and asks her how he can get her to come back to work.
DV8 Takes Control of Ada's Car
01:25 — DV8 overrides Ada's car and takes control while she is driving.
Cops & Criminals Working Together
01:33 — Gideon and Murphy want to bring the leader of the Green Street Kings in on a case.
Apb: Strange Bedfellows Trailer
00:20 — When a serial rapist is on the loose, Captain Conrad orders Gideon and Murphy to find the perpetrator before there are any more victims.
Apb: Last Train To Europa Trailer
00:20 — An FBI agent seeks Murphy's help when he learns his informant's life may be in danger.
Apb: Fueling Fires Trailer
00:20 — Another fire at a gang-run building appears to be worse than an act of a rival's retaliation. Meanwhile, Goss tries to find out more about Brandt's ol (more…)
Run All Night
00:48 — Brooklyn mobster and prolific hit man Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson), once known as The Gravedigger, has seen better days. Longtime best friend of mob bos (more…)
APB: Risky Business Trailer
00:20 — When Murphy and Ada team up to help solve a murder, they discover that the killer’s next target is Gideon.
Apb: Daddy's Home Trailer
00:20 — Gideon's dad is in trouble and turns to his son for a helping hand. Meanwhile, Brandt and Goss follow a lead on a grand-theft auto case that they hope (more…)
APB: Above And Beyond Trailer
00:20 — A man goes to extremes in the pursuit of justice for his daughter, prompting Gideon and Martinez to investigate the case with new technology. Meanwhil (more…)
Murphy Warns Gideon About Her Ex-Husband
00:45 — Gideon pissed off the Mayor and now Gideon's precinct is under investigation.
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  • Birth Place: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Model