Nancy O'Dell

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Nancy Evelyn Humphries
  • Birth Place: Sumter, South Carolina, United States
  • Profession: Television host, Entertainment journalist

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Pap Smeared
An eager young photographer offers to help Don as he competes for the same story with a band of gangbangers-turned-paparazzi. Julia discovers that Ho (more…)
Caught On Tape
A horrified Julia learns that a sex tape of her and a former co-star turns up on the Internet, which results in a media circus for Lucy. Don gets a m (more…)
Red carpet review: Oscar fashions and trends
05:50 — Despite the backlash and criticism, fashion remains a big part of the Academy Awards. This year's wardrobe featured bold colors and daring designs. Ma (more…)
Families' plea for return of U.K. teens headed for ISIS territory
02:45 — Scotland Yard is heading the search for the three missing girls, but it's now been almost a week since they boarded a plane for Turkey. Police believe (more…)
Court documents draw attention in Silicon Valley sexual harassment lawsuit
03:20 — It's likely much of Silicon Valley already read Ellen Pao’s complaint against venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers. The documen (more…)
ACMA 45 - Laura Bell Bundy Rehearsal Interview
01:37 — Catch up with Laura Bell Bundy between rehearsals at the ACM Awards. Tune in to the ACM Awards Sunday, April 18th 8/7c on CBS!
Southwest jet lands at wrong airport, barely misses cliff
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Angelina Jolie Predicts If George Clooney Will Beat Her to the Altar!
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Damage estimates for Napa earthquake reach $1 billion
02:32 — Estimates for repairing the damage to last Sunday's quake in Napa Valley have risen to as much as $1 billion. The overall could be billions more due t (more…)
Headlines at 7:30: No link found between 40 veterans' deaths and delayed VA care
01:42 — The New York Times reports that there is apparently no link between the deaths of 40 veterans and delayed care at VA centers. Also, the National Secur (more…)
Antibiotic overuse linked to food allergies, study shows
00:36 — Researchers at the Universiy of Chicago say that the overuse of anti-bacterial soaps and medications might be linked to food allergies caused by destr (more…)
Former chief of NYC schools Joel Klein on teaching with technology
04:08 — The U.S. trails more than 30 countries in math, reading and science. Former chancellor of New York City public schools, Joel Klein, discusses his new (more…)
How to avoid extra hotel charges
02:32 — Hotels are finding new ways to nickel-and-dime their customers despite revenue spikes. A new study says hotels will take in $2.25 billion this year fr (more…)
Thousands turn out for impromptu "Dîner En Blanc" feast
00:37 — Thousands of guests descended on Manhattan last night to dine at a secret location, only unveiled by the organizers minutes before the party begins. G (more…)
Israel targets two tallest buildings in Gaza
00:24 — In the wake of heavy rocket fire against its country, the Israeli military launched more than a dozen airstrikes on suspected Hamas targets in Gaza Ci (more…)
Obama authorizes surveillance flights over Syria
02:39 — President Obama ordered U.S. reconnaissance flights over Syria in the effort to battle militant group ISIS. Airstrikes in that country have not yet be (more…)
Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell faces aggressive cross examination
02:29 — The prosecution is expected to continue poking holes in one of McDonnell's central claims, which is that he couldn't have conspired with his wife to a (more…)
Jackie Robinson West All Stars receive homecoming grand salute
00:46 — The Little League heroes were greeted by fans and the media after arriving at Midway Airport in Chicago. The team will also receive a homecoming parad (more…)
Fitness tracker shows how many hours of sleep the California quake disrupted
00:42 — The 6.0 earthquake that rocked Northern California Sunday morning is estimated to have disturbed about 2 million hours of sleep in total. Jawbone, a c (more…)
Headlines at 8:30: One alcoholic drink a day could raise heart disease risk
00:48 — "CBS This Morning" takes a look at some of the headlines from around the globe.
Iceland prepares for another possible volcanic eruption
02:26 — A volcano buried under one of Europe's largest glaciers is coming to life with more than 2,600 earthquakes since August 16. Physics professor Michio K (more…)
United flight diverted after scuffle over legroom
00:48 — Two passengers on a United flight from Newark to Denver got in a spat over the seat recline. The argument got so heated, it forced the plane to divert (more…)
Parents overjoyed after American journalist released in Syria
00:54 — Peter Curtis, an American journalist who was captured by militants nearly two years ago, was freed Sunday in Syria. His father said the search had bee (more…)
Burger King faces threats of boycott if HQ moves to Canada for tax break
02:58 — The fast food giant is looking to take advantage of Canada's lower tax rate by merging with Tim Hortons. The planned move seemed popular with Wall Str (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Nancy Evelyn Humphries
  • Birth Place: Sumter, South Carolina, United States
  • Profession: Television host, Entertainment journalist