Nancy Lenehan



"The Magic Hour"

My Name Is Earl broke ground on Season 4 in style with two back-to-back episodes With last seasons storylines left in the dust getting back to the shows roots was nothing less than a breath of fresh air After an hour filled with some of the funniest new TV moments Ive seen in a while I couldnt ask for more but I wanted to anyway In the first installment Earl Jason Lee recalls having once ruined Buddy Zaks wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation when he was just a boy himself When he sets off to make it up to Buddys mother he finds Buddy still alive and all grown up A film enthusiast Buddy asks Earl to produce his dream movie in exchange for crossing him off of the list However the only available actors are Camden Countys usual cast of clowns It also doesnt help that the film 2 The Max is ridiculous Seth Green brings on the funny in the role of Buddy and looks like hes enjoying every minute of it With all of his recent work in animation Family Guy Ro read more

"No Heads And A Duffel Bag"

Kudos to Earl for taking a little break from the coma-dream storyline whether or not youre a fan of that you have to admit it felt good to watch Jason Lee perform some more traditional protagonist duties Not only that but this week was filled with quite a few standout lines and performances It was an episode comprised of nearly non-stop flashback and it worked wonderfully Randy decided to run another karma errand for Earl by attempting to make amends for an incident in which their parents vacation was ruined Of course he had to finally fill them in on the little details Earls in a coma and oh yeah he was in prison for a while there too At Earls bedside straight-laced Carl Hickey relives the vacation incident which turns out to be an epic tale involving a duffel bag full of marijuana Beau Bridges and Nancy Lenehan always turn in great performances as the elder Hickeys but they shined especially bright this time around The scene of them as youths at W read more

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