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Closing Door: Nancy Grace Quits Court TV

Nancy Grace is leaving Court TV's Nancy Grace: Closing Arguments to focus on her eponymous CNN Headline News program, Variety reports. Grace has anchored both shows since Headline News' 2005 relaunch, but has been mulling a Court TV departure ever since the cabler announced that as part of an upcoming, Star Jones-centered makeover, it would cut her Closing Arguments in half, to just an hour. In a statement, Grace says, "Court TV will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will always look back at my time there with great gratitude and affection." read more

Headline News' Nancy Graces SVU

CNN's Nancy Grace will tackle her first prime-time acting role when she offers up faux legal commentary during the May 22 season finale of Law & Order: SVU. The guest-star-studded installment features, among others, Ludacris (reprising his role as Fin's stepson, on trial for killing a woman and her baby), Steven Weber (as his attorney) and Star Jones (as a legal commentator). read more

We've seen in the previews ...

Question: We've seen in the previews that Jack opens a door and then water comes gushing out. Is this another hatch? Is this particular scene in the premiere?


It's a five-letter word that starts with H, but it's not "hatch." And yes, that particularly scene is in the premiere.

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CNN Hires Court TV Diva

It's hard to imagine that Nancy Grace has ever met a defendant she didn't think was guilty. Fair and balanced she's not, and the prosecutor-turned-Court TV legal commentator (and victims' rights advocate) freely admits it.

"I've never pretended that I do not have an opinion," she says. "And people who pretend they don't are deceiving you." Now Grace is expanding her pulpit, with a book this spring (Objection!, written with TV Guide contributor Diane Clehane) and, starting Feb. 21, her own nightly show on CNN Headline News.

After successfully filling in for Larry King the past few years, Grace will lead a new lineup of programs aimed at bringing appointment viewers to CNN's ratings-deprived sister channel. Though she promises the series will include opposing views, she cautions, "Can I help it if they're wrong? No, I can't."

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