Sat Dec 12 7:00am
America the Story of UsRebels(Season 1, Episode 1) HIST

Chronicling the settlement of the Jamestown and Plymouth colonies; and the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

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Sat Dec 12 9:00am
America the Story of UsWestward(Season 1, Episode 3) HIST

Pioneers go westward in wagon trains and face the hardships of nature and conflicts with Indians. Also: the California Gold Rush; the steamboat, which alters travel on the Mississippi River.

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Sat Dec 12 11:00am
America the Story of UsCivil War(Season 1, Episode 5) HIST

The Civil War.

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Sat Dec 12 1:00pm
America the Story of UsMetropolis HIST

The Statue of Liberty is built; Henry Ford's automobile becomes popular; and Prohibition gives rise to organized crime.

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Sat Dec 12 3:00pm
America the Story of UsSuperpower(Season 1, Episode 11) HIST

America becomes a superpower as the economy and population soar. Also: the space race; and the threat of Communism.

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Sat Dec 12 5:00pm
America the Story of UsMillennium(Season 1, Episode 12) HIST

The Cold War, the Challenger disaster and 9/11.

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