Fri May 8 10:00pm
Cold CaseBreaking News(Season 6, Episode 13) ION

The 1988 murder of a reporter is reinvestigated when previously unseen TV footage indicates she was gathering evidence against a plastics company whose employees were being exposed to dangerous levels of asbestos. Her primary source for the information was (more…)

Thu May 14 10:15am
Mad MenFlight 1(Season 2, Episode 2) AMC

Paul throws a party, then throws his work colleagues for a loop when he introduces them to a special guest; Peggy pays a dinner visit to her family; Duck uses an unorthodox approach to land an airline account, which puts the firm on a conflict-of-interest (more…)

Thu May 14 12:25pm
Mad MenThree Sundays(Season 2, Episode 4) AMC

Peggy's family entertains a new priest assigned to their parish; Freddy and Ken wine and dine a client; the agency staff pitches in to prepare for an under-the-gun pitch meeting.

Thu May 14 1:30pm
Mad MenThe New Girl(Season 2, Episode 5) AMC

Joan might have found Don a perfect secretary; Peggy comes to the rescue when Don finds himself in the middle of personal issues between a TV comedian and the man's wife; Pete and his wife see a fertility specialist to deal with her inability to conceive.

Fri May 15 12:00am
FriendsThe One with the Fertility Test(Season 9, Episode 21) TVLAND

Rachel runs into a familiar face during her free massage from one of Phoebe's corporate-chain foes, while the Bings try to run away from a frightening face at their doctor's office. Meanwhile, Ross tutors Joey on the ways to win over a brainiac like Charli (more…)

Sat May 16 10:05am
Mad MenAt the Codfish Ball(Season 5, Episode 7) AMC

Don, Roger and Pete team up to rustle up some new clients; Sally lends a hand to a relative.