Fast Facts

  • At 13, performed on Soul Train with the Lockers, a dance troupe that also included Fred Berry (who went on to play Rerun on What's Happening!!).
  • Landed his first professional acting audition, which was for a guest role on Starsky & Hutch in an episode entitled "Black and Blue."
  • Appeared on Hill Street Blues as Officer Ron Garfield for three seasons.
  • Gained weight and wore prosthetic lips for his breakout role as Bubba in 1994's Forrest Gump.
  • Reunited with his Forrest Gump costar Gary Sinise during a series of guest-starring spots on CSI: NY starting in 2007.
  • Appeared on a 2010 episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories to tell his tale of a mysterious phone call he received in the early 1980s.


  • Jacqueline Williamson — Sister
  • Jerry Williamson — Brother
  • Phoenix Williamson — Daughter
  • Cheryl Chisholm — Ex-wife
  • Nicole Skye Williamson — Daughter
  • Booker T. Marshall — Stepfather
  • Elaine Marshall — Mother
  • Sondra Spriggs — Wife
  • Maya Williamson — Daughter
  • Olivia Brown — Ex-wife


  • Attended Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA; atttended University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA