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Mon Feb 6 6:00am
Street OutlawsI Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For(Season 8, Episode 4) DSC

The 405 racer's list gets shaken up; Shane finds himself in a grudge race that ends in disaster; and Farmtruck and AZN are called out. Later, Dave and Reaper can't agree on a call out on race night.

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Mon Feb 6 7:00am
Street OutlawsI Will Follow(Season 8, Episode 5) DSC

The top racers feel the pressure with Dave in the top five and Chief in sixth place. Later, Chief and Boosted hold an emergency turbo school for Dominator; and Farmtruck and AZN find a flashy, orange fish.

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Mon Feb 6 8:00am
Street OutlawsStuck in a Moment(Season 8, Episode 7) DSC

The 405 racers try to hang on to their spots on the list; and Farmtruck and AZN test the improved Farmtruck during a fishing race. Later, tension builds when Dave makes a call out for a race that he doesn't intend on participating in.

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Mon Feb 6 9:00am
Street OutlawsOne(Season 8, Episode 8) DSC

The last list race of the season puts pressure on everyone; and Kamikaze and Farmtruck both return to list racing.

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Mon Feb 6 10:00am
Street OutlawsStreet Mission(Season 8, Episode 11) DSC

The 405 racers head to Memphis to compete against JJ "Da Boss." Later, Chuck's prepared to prove himself.

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Mon Feb 6 11:00am
Street OutlawsPut Up for Your City(Season 8, Episode 12) DSC

Chief invites teams from Detroit, New York and California to race against the OKC crew. Later, five racers from the 405 step up to prove themselves.

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