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Community Stars: Season 5 Might Be the Best Yet

Joel McHale

Fans of Community are understandably wary about the fifth season, given the fairly hollow simulacra that aired last spring. But with the return of creator Dan Harmon, the show has regained the sense of deliberate chaos and freewheeling playfulness that originally earned it such a devoted (and vocal) fan base.

For Harmon's unprecedented return, you can thank none other than Joel McHale, who played a crucial role in NBC bringing back the controversial showrunner. Comparing Harmon to Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) and Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development), both of whom are guest-starring this season, McHale preached the benefits of letting a series be dictated by a singular vision. "There was some really good stuff last year, but it did not.... read more

Inside Community's Surprise Return

Jonathan Banks, Joel McHale

NBC couldn't kill Community, even if it tried — and it definitely tried. But lengthy hiatuses and unusual scheduling (including Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes airing last spring) wouldn't destroy it. A controversial decision to replace creator Dan Harmon as showrunner last season couldn't slay it. Even all that Twitter chatter about "six seasons and a movie" didn't jinx it.

"Community is like a Twinkie," says Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays Shirley, perhaps the sweetest of the community-college study-group members who form the show's heart. "The shelf life of this show has defied odds."

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Dan Harmon Apologizes for Comparing Community Season 4 to Rape

Dan Harmon

Recently reinstated executive producer (and the constantly controversial) Dan Harmon has issued one of his classic apologies after comparing Season 4 of Community to "being held down and watching your family get raped on a beach" on a recent episode of his Harmontown podcast. read more

Dan Harmon Disses Former Community Showrunner Replacements

Dan Harmon

Now that Dan Harmon is returning to Community, the returning showrunner had to catch up on the fourth season of the NBC comedy that he was not involved with, which was run by David Guarascio and Moses Port — and his reaction isn't good.

"It was... read more

Dan Harmon to Return to Community

Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon is (almost) officially returning to Community.

"Yes yes yes! I'm back I'm back I'm back. You can thank @joelmchale," he tweeted on Saturday.

Though Sony would not confirm the news, the deal is expected to come in the next few days.

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Dan Harmon in Talks to Return to Community

Dan Harmon

Community is considering a new, exciting timeline in which Dan Harmon is back in Greendale.

Sony Pictures Television, which produces the NBC comedy, is in talks to have Harmon to return to the show in some capacity, according to The Hollywood Reporter. read more

Community Renewed for Fifth Season


Good news, human beings! NBC has renewed Community for a fifth season, the network announced Friday.

The cult favorite comedy was on the bubble once again after its fourth season — its first without creator and... read more

Does Anyone Even Want Another Season of Community?


As a twentysomething liberal arts grad, it's pretty much a pre-requisite to love post-modernism. The more meta something is, the better. So needless to say, I've been a huge fan of Community since the beginning (my massive crush on Donald Glover might have helped a little too). But then somewhere in the middle of Season 3, I felt my passion waning. When I first tried to share my concerns, fellow fans shunned me, acting as though I wasn't smart or hip enough to get it.

Then Dan Harmon was fired. read more

Community Showrunners Share What to Expect of the (Possible Series) Finale

Joel McHale, Jim Rash

It feels as though Oct. 19 was just yesterday. Could this really be the end?

Thursday's Community will wrap up the fourth season and possibly the series, depending on whether or not NBC decides to give the cult comedy one last shot. We chatted with showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port to get the scoop on what might be our final trip to Greendale. read more

Alison Brie and Danny Pudi's Message for Community Fans: "Hang in There"

Danny Pudi, Alison Brie

After mixed reviews of Season 4 so far, many Community fans are considering calling it quits, but stars Alison Brie and Danny Pudi beg you to reconsider. "This is what I'll say about change: Hang in there, fans," Brie said on a conference call Thursday. While there's no denying the void Dan Harmon's absence has created, Brie insists the season finale is more than worth sticking around for. read more

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