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When a 60 Minutes shoot becomes a stampede
00:59 — Anything can happen on a 60 Minutes shoot, as you’ll see when Lesley Stahl interviews Stephen Wainaina Waweru, a farmer in Kenya
Preview: Common Enemy
00:37 — Lara Logan reports from the battle lines against ISIS in Iraq where the U.S. finds itself on the same side of the fight as Shiite militias backed by I (more…)
Preview: The Future of Money
00:27 — The future of money is already happening in Kenya where a mobile phone-based payment system has been used for years. Lesley Stahl reports on Sunday, N (more…)
Preview: Taking on the Eiger
00:37 — 60 Minutes cameras capture an extreme sportsman descending the Eiger the way James Bond might do it -- using a three-sport technique tried for the fir (more…)
Obama: Big Government
03:54 — President Obama says much of the growth in government happened before he became president.
Preview: The Collider
00:34 — It’s already helped scientists find what some call the “God Particle.” What else will the Large Hadron Collider reveal as it begins work at nearly dou (more…)
An artifact from an African tribe
02:08 — NMAAHC Founding Director Lonnie Bunch describes how the slave trade devastated African tribes.
The Sturgeon Queens
03:03 — Russ and Daughters is a Lower East Side lox and herring emporium that has survived and thrived for 100 years. Produced to coincide with the 100th anni (more…)
It takes a lot of gas to fuel the air war against ISIS
00:40 — Lt. Col. Mike Jones tells CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin what it takes to send U.S. and allied planes over Iraq and Syria to bo (more…)
Why did Burma begin opening up to the outside?
01:12 — U.S. ambassador Derek Mitchell thinks Burma’s military junta realized its isolation strategy wasn’t working and it had to change.
Preview: Vice President Biden
00:46 — Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, appear on television for the first time since the vice president announced he will not seek th (more…)
Preview: The New Burma
01:01 — 60 Minutes goes to Burma before the country's historic elections to report on its democratic movement and speak to the Nobel Prize-winning woman most (more…)
Make-A-Wish mom on her son's dream of skydiving
01:08 — "Wish mom" Kathy Bailey tells Bill Whitaker what it meant to her son Alex when Make-A-Wish made his dream of skydiving a reality.
Why is playing cornerback so tough?
01:17 — Will Sullivan, a private defensive back coach for Darrelle Revis and others, discusses what makes the cornerback position one of the toughest to play (more…)
NASCAR's Joey Logano on giving back
00:35 — The Make-A-Wish experience inspired the Daytona 500 champ to start the Joey Logano Foundation
Preview: Revis Island
00:38 — Jets' Darrelle Revis invites 60 Minutes to "Revis Island" to learn how he defends opposing receivers so well, they might as well be on vacation. Armen (more…)
Extra: The power behind the N-word
01:09 — College Professor David Bradley explains to Byron Pitts the power behind the N-word.
Former Lab Chief's Opinion
00:49 — Former FBI lab director Dwight Adams tells Steve Kroft on what he thinks should happen with cases that may have been impacted by bullet lead analysis.
Tom Brady On Popularity
01:32 — Three-time Super Bowl-winning Patriots quarterback Tom Brady tells Steve Kroft that he's been reluctant to embrace his rising fame, but loves his fans (more…)
MRSA Disinfections Useless?
00:42 — Health officials tell Lesley Stahl disinfecting buildings after MRSA outbreaks is not only expensive, but also ineffective.
Plame Discusses Leak Fallout
00:52 — Outed CIA operative Valerie Plame speaks with Katie Couric in an exclusive "60 Minutes" interview about the serious impact of her cover being blown.
Cooper's Reporter's Notebook
04:05 — CNN's Anderson Cooper talks about his upcoming "60 Minutes" profile of a man who regained a limited ability to communicate after years of being minima (more…)
Extra: The sex abuse scandal
00:55 — New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan tells Morley Safer what he thinks about the sex abuse scandal and the church's reaction to it.
Abramoff's prison time: therapeutic?
01:32 — Jack Abramoff says he had plenty of time to think while serving three and a half years in prison for illegal practices in Washington.((
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