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Let's Make a Deal - The Spirit of Mardi Gras
02:28 — Wayne Brady and company celebrate Mardi Gras.
Let's Make a Deal - A Little Game of Marbles
02:11 — These two contestants go head to head with marbles.
Let's Make A Deal - Christmas Special!
00:20 — All of your favorite things can be found on the Let's Make A Deal Christmas Specials, starting December 23! Only CBS
Let's Make a Deal - Too Many Cooks in The CAR
03:09 — Will it get hot in the kitchen for this couple playing for a car?
Let's Make a Deal - Cupcake Love
02:44 — Wayne loves feeding people.
Let's Make a Deal - Song Battle Time!
03:41 — Wayne and Jonathan have another epic SONG BATTLE TIME!
Let's Make A Deal - Mardi Gras Special!
00:20 — Let the good times roll with the King of Deals on The Let's Make A Deal "Mardi Gras" special! Only CBS
Let's Make a Deal - Big Head Knows All
02:37 — Jonathan Big Head knows all.
Let's Make a Deal - The Deviled Egg Made Her Do It
02:46 — This deviled egg goes for it.
Let's Make a Deal - Thou Must Not Miss This Deal
02:45 — Wayne stays in character.
Let's Make a Deal - A Pirate's Prize For Me
03:46 — Wayne makes a pirate to dance for him.
Let's Make a Deal - Scuba Diver Becomes Scuba Driver
01:29 — This contestant wins not 1, not 2, but 3 prizes.
Let's Make A Deal - Stan Lee to the Rescue!
02:17 — The legendary Stan Lee stops by Let's Make A Deal.
Let's Make A Deal - Jonathan THE MODEL?
02:13 — Jonathon gets his model on.
Let's Make A Deal - Can He Do It?
01:36 — Wayne Brady tries to do the jobs of Jonathan, Tiffany, and Cat ALL AT ONCE!
Let's Make A Deal - Now They Have a Honeymoon!
01:59 — Wayne brings a dealer to tears.
Let's Make A Deal - Don't Have A Cow
03:25 — Which award has the cash?
Let's Make A Deal - Dancing in a Designer Gown
02:03 — This bacon can sure dance.
Let's Make A Deal - Even Magical Fairies Want Cars
02:31 — There is magic in the air.
Let's Make A Deal - 1-800 WIN A CAR
02:12 — One more deal for him.
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