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Dancing Tour: New Partners, Newlyweds and Tough Workouts

Monique Coleman and Alec Mazo, Dancing with the Stars

As the Dancing with the Stars tour continues, caught up with Monique Coleman and Alec Mazo to hear details about what's happening on the road. Coleman, who's also known for her High School Musical role, says she can't wait to start ballroom dancing again. Ask her if those teeny costumes still fit, and she panics a little: "I sure as heck hope so!" For Mazo, this will be his third national Dancing tour. This time out will be different in two big ways: First, he'll be partnering with actress Monique Coleman, and he's thrilled about it, he says, "because I've never had a celebrity partner on the road." Second, he'll be traveling as a newlywed. Mazo and fellow Dancing pro Edyta Sliwinska got married last fall, just before the beginning of the s read more

Dancing with the Stars' 37-City Tour

Dancing With The Stars by Craig Sjodin/ABC

See your favorites, if not up close, certainly in person: Dancing with the Stars celebs and their professional partners will twirl their way through 37 North American cities on a winter tour starting Nov. 18. Wayne Newton, Marie Osmond, Sabrina Bryan, Karina Smirnoff, Drew Lachey, Joey Lawrence, Monique Coleman, Cheryl Burke, Edyta Sliwinska, Kym Johnson, Mark Ballas, Jonathan Roberts, Derek Hough, Alec Mazo, Brian Fortuna and others will kick off the traveling event, SoftScrub® Presents Dancing with the Stars, at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. The third Dancing with the Stars tour features a rotating cast of popular competitors, in new combinations: Dancers from previous seasons will trip the light fantastic with those from the current season. New pairs include Wayne Newton with Cheryl Burke, Marie Osmond with Jonathan Roberts, and Sabrina Bryan with Mark Ballas; Season 3's Joey Lawrence with Edyta Sliwinska and Monique Coleman; professional dancers Derek Hough, Alec Mazo ... read more

October 31, 2006: The Monster Mash

This show really knows how to take a theme and run with it.... And we’re talking marathon lengths. This Halloween checklist had it all: smoke on the floor, black lipstick, songs about witchcraft, and fangs. I thought for sure someone was going to dance to "The Monster Mash," but they proved me wrong. (However, they weren’t about having someone dance to Ghostbusters.) I guess you could say the show was a little excessive with its Halloween enthusiasm, sort of like a coworker who decorates his or her cubicle for every holiday imaginable... oh wait, I do that. OK, so I liked the Halloween cheesefest of an episode. It was different, and it made last night’s show stand out. And at this late stage in the season, when the shows can start blending together, that’s a good thing. One contestant who really got into the theme was Joey Lawrence. From his playful opening tango to The Addams Family theme song to his confident, heck-of-a-costume paso doble, Joey was on his game ... read more

October 24, 2006: Double Dancing, Double Standard

Monique Coleman has been all about girl power and “representing the women” these past two weeks, as she remains the last female star standing in this competition. Though she feels the female stars have been judged more harshly than the male stars this season, the more obvious double standard that the judges have been applying isn’t so much a male vs female thing as a Jerry vs non-Jerry thing. Their comments to Jerry Springer go something like this (and I’m paraphrasing): “Jerry, great job for just getting out there and trying. And bonus points for moving around a bit.” Their comments to everyone else: “Mario, good job and all, but be careful with the floppy arms.... Joey, well done, but watch the somewhat sloppy turns.” The judges admit that Jerry’s not doing the same level of dancing as the rest of the contestants, but then they go and give him all eights for his fox-trot, which he sort of walked through. Yes, Jerry is older than his com... read more

Dancing Premiere: I Had a Ball(Room)

Looks like we're in for another fun season of Dancing with the Stars, the kind of show that defines reality TV as a guilty pleasure. It's hard not to watch this gaudy bauble of harmless fluff without a goofy grin on your face, at times because of the train-wreck spectacle of the terminally rhythm-less (Tucker Carlson, who didn't even dance half of his dance, content to make faces and laugh it all off) and at times because of the sheer joy of performance, whether it's Emmitt Smith's crowd-pleasing playfulness, Mario Lopez's boyish exuberance or Willa Ford's unexpected elegance. (She could be this season's Stacy Keibler.)Handicapping these so-called stars is almost as silly a pastime as watching them, but really, who can resist asking questions like who is this season's Drew Lachey, Lopez or the startlingly buff Joey Lawrence, who looks like Mr. Clean on steroids. My money's on Lopez. Or as judge Bruno Tonioli might call him, the Energizer Bunny, as in: "Do you have extra batteries in... read more

September 12, 2006: They Feel Like Dancing

Loved the new bigger and better set. The chandeliers and balcony seats add a kind of theater glamour to the show. Tom Bergeron was back in top form with his snappy comments, proving he's one of the best reality-show hosts out there. And the judges were back to bickering amongst themselves in no time. As for the new crop of stars, some lived up to expected awkwardness, while some surprised.Let's start with the top of the pack: Mario Lopez. Sure, I expected A.C. Slater could dance well; after all, he had some pretty killer moves back at those Bayside High dances. But I never expected his dancing to be that good: those hips, those feet, those dimples. Did I mention his dancing was really good? He has the lean body of a dancer, and could almost pass for one of the professionals. And right on his heels in the competition was Emmitt Smith. After fellow football great Jerry Rice made it to runner-up in the competition last year, it should be no surprise that football players can dance. But... read more

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