Singer Monica Marries Shannon Brown… for the Second Time

Shannon Brown and Monica Arnold

Singer Monica and Los Angeles Laker Shannon Brown traded "I do's" Saturday for the second time, People reports.

The couple, who quietly wed in November, held a large ceremony for hundreds of family and friends.

The wedding took place at a... read more

Matt's Picks: May 9-12


Glee (Tuesday, 8/7c, Fox)
Don't expect a firestorm like in the classic Carrie, but the battle for prom queen and king intensifies as our singing heroes provide musical background for the school dance. In other musical news Tuesday night, NBC's new hit... read more

Reba, Monica, Sia Join NBC's The Voice as Advisers

Reba McEntire and Monica

NBC's new singing competition The Voice is adding more star power to its already super-charged panel of judges. Reba McEntire, Monica, Sia and Adam Blackstone have joined the show as "industry insiders" who will help mentor the contestants alongside the coaches, the network announced Friday. 

Coaches Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton chose... read more

Amazing Hippies Make Bucks, Not War!

Amazing Race 9 winners BJ Averell and Tyler MacNiven

Brains beat brawn when BJ Averell and Tyler MacNiven won the $1 million prize in The Amazing Race 9. But it turns out the close friends' fun-loving hippie image almost did them in — off camera. How? Read on. We never really saw you guys having to go through customs, but you obviously had to. Did you ever get delayed?Tyler MacNiven: In Japan we got held up in customs because we fit the hippie stereotype. Often you'll have hippie guys try to smuggle in drugs because they're very hard to get in Japan. In customs there we had to go into this backroom to get strip-searched — and it was all in Japanese, like some movie where these officers were getting us naked and going through our bags.BJ Averell: Dogs were sniffing through our bags. Tyler: That read more

Hello Matt. I like your ...

Question: Hello Matt. I like your column and hope you will print this question. I have been a huge fan of Amazing Race since about a quarter into its second season (I believe that was the one with Danny and Oswald, still my favorite AR team of all time). I know the family edition was uneven, but I fear the events of the May 3 episode might prove to be the show's undoing. What Eric and Jeremy did, canceling the cabs of both B.J. and Tyler and Ray and Yolanda, was so over the line in terms of sportsmanship and deception that it left me thoroughly disgusted. Furthermore, Joseph and Monica are fast becoming one of the most loathsome teams ever on the show (although I don't think anyone can top Jonathan and Victoria). They were all too happy to look the other way at the Frat Boys' slimy tactics, and then they have the nerve to whine and complain when the Hippies yielded them?!! I have never seen the show get this nasty and unpleasant, even during the Rob and Amber season. I was so angry ... read more

Fran-Barry Squeezed on Amazing Race

Fran and Barry, The Amazing Race

Fran and Barry didn't need CBS' The Amazing Race (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET) to add more stamps to their passports. In the 40 years they've been married, the couple — who became the seventh team eliminated — have visited 45 countries, setting foot on almost every continent and in every hemisphere in the world. A 63-year-old retired doctor and a 61-year-old retired accountant with grown children, they also didn't need the money. So why did they run? "It was all about the competition," Barry told the day after their elimination episode aired. "We weren't just happy to be there. We thought we had a chance to win!" Here's what else they thought of the greatest race on earth. You two may be a lot older, but you've also se read more

Having a Ball
Bad news for Bush means great news for Matthews' ratings

Chris Matthews, Hardball

Maybe it's just a coincidence: As President Bush's approval ratings are tanking, Chris Matthews' ratings are surging. Compared to a year ago, the February audiences for his MSNBC show, Hardball, doubled at 5 pm/ET, and the repeat at 7 was up significantly as well. If that's too early for you, Hardball is getting a special repeat airing at 11 pm the week of March 6. Soon the show will be hitting the road to cover the major 2006 races in the Senate and the House of Representatives. The president's misfortunes mean there's a strong chance the House could end up back in the control of the Democrats, making it a compelling year for political junkies. But when it comes to politics, every year is compelling to Matthews, who recently spoke with the Biz. It's been said that President Bush likes the sport of politics — that's what gets his blood pumping. Do you think he cares about low approval ratings or what people think about him now that read more

The Amazing Race Whew! Two hours...

The Amazing Race Whew! Two hours and 11 teams to discuss in my first crack at covering TAR — I think I need a bit of that Race fuel hippie boys B.J. and Tyler were running on. It's time to erase the awful memory of the way-less-than-Amazing family edition and fasten our seatbelts. And in the spirit of Sunday's Oscars, I'm going to hand out some awards here. The aforementioned shaggy duo get Best Narrators for naming "Barbie and Ken" (Monica and Joseph) and the "Double D's," for actually learning a few Portuguese phrases, and for coming up with the best metaphor for their pit-stop anxiety: "clawing at our teeth." They just barely beat out leg-wrestling "Glamazons" Lisa and Joni. I can't tell those two apart read more

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