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Csi: Cyber: Why-Fi Trailer
01:53 — Avery welcomes D.B. Russell to the team as they investigate a burglary/homicide committed by someone who hacked the home’s security system remotely, o (more…)
Csi: Cyber: Legacy Trailer
00:56 — The fate of the U.S. government is at stake as Avery and the Cyber team search for the hacker responsible for the largest breach of highly classified (more…)
Csi: Cyber: 5 Deadly Sins Trailer
01:12 — The Cyber team tracks a vigilante who is killing the biggest offenders of objectionable posts on social media websites.
Csi: Cyber: Shades Of Grey Trailer
00:58 — After an innocent bystander is killed when dozens of ATMs suddenly spew money into the street, the Cyber team investigates the bank heist that is orch (more…)
CSI: Cyber - Russell Is Always There
01:40 — Russell helps Avery cope.
CSI: Cyber - A Situation
01:10 — The team comes close to finding suspects involved in the crime.
CSI: Cyber - A Father And Son
01:41 — Mundo and his Dad have a moment.
CSI: Cyber - Clue From A Killer
02:42 — A clue is left for Avery and team at the scene of a gruesome murder.
CSI Cyber - Deadly Sins
03:11 — The team starts to piece together killer's agenda.
CSI: Cyber - The Unexpected Selfie
01:42 — A killer makes a couple pose for their own murder.
CSI: Cyber - Cash Refund
01:24 — The team discovers that our villain may actually be some sort of Robin Hood.
CSI: Cyber - Optical Based Vein Uncovering
02:03 — Russell uses a brand new technique to catch a suspect.
CSI: Cyber - Can't Wait To Meet Him
04:35 — Raven's ex-boyfriend places her in the middle of the drama.
01:52 — Molly Burnett opens up about playing the "mean girl" Ashley.
Soap operas' social message
03:11 — Chandler Massey and Molly Burnett weigh in on how soap operas today are addressing important social issues.