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Mangia! Mangia! Mo Rocca Dishes My Grandmother's Ravioli

Mo Rocca

Don't you just want to pinch his cheek? Grandparents adore sweetheart satirist Mo Rocca and he adores them — so much so that he roams the country with his Cooking Channel series, My Grandmother's Ravioli, to revel in their AARP-tastic wisdom and uncover their culinary secrets. And he never leaves without the recipes! 

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Holiday Eats Video: Mo Rocca Learns How to Make Miracle Coffee Cake!

Ruth Teig and Mo Rocca

Looking for a holiday recipe that doubles as a delicious dish and a delightful gift? Mo Rocca and his new friend Ruth Teig have the perfect solution.

In the first video from this year's Holiday Eats series, Mo returns to Ruth Teig's kitchen, where he first learned how to cook gefilte fish and kreplach for the premiere of his Cooking Channel series My Grandmother's Ravioli. But since Mo only tasted Ruth's famous coffee cake last visit, this time he learns how to make it.

Click play below To find out why the recipe not only makes the perfect holiday gift (she bakes hundreds a season!) and also why it makes miracles happen! (We're serious.)

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The Tonight Show's Mo Rocca Rocks the Super Bowl

The Tonight Show's Mo Rocca

Late last week, comic Mo Rocca was dispatched to Florida to capture the true essence of the Super Bowl experience. As a lead-up to the big game, the former Daily Show correspondent will be delivering nightly segments to NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. spoke with Mocca immediately after his arrival in the Sunshine State. So today was your travel day?Mo Rocca: Yeah. I just got into Gainesville at the University of Florida, which is very exciting. I figured I'd begin with the BCS champions and then work my way up to the NFL championship. What sort of stories are you looking for amongst all the Super Bowl hoopla?Rocca: We read more

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