Mitt Romney

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Willard Mitt Romney
  • Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, United States
  • Profession: Politician
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Mitt Romney Considering Another Run for the White House
00:23 — Romney reportedly told a group of donors in New York that he is mulling over a run in 2016.
For Mitt Romney, It’s Beginning to Feel Like 2012
01:17 — Mitt Romney is showing strong signs of contemplating a third presidential run, but not all in the Republican Party are supportive.
CEO President Trump Loses CEOs
08:23 — Mitt Romney said Donald Trump's words caused "racists to rejoice" as another one of President Donald Trump's advisory boards saw mass resignations ove (more…)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reveals Barack Obama Is a Fan of VEEP
04:22 — Julia reveals that President Barack Obama is a big fan of VEEP and she talks about how Mitt Romney, another fan of the show, actually met with her to (more…)
Millions Spent On ‘anyone But Trump’ Campaign
07:41 — NBC’s Peter Alexander previews Mitt Romney’s Utah speech in today, where is expected to take a hammer to Donald Trump’s campaign.
Mitt Romney: ‘Dishonesty Is Donald Trump’s Hallmark’
01:20 — Mitt Romney calls out some of the statements Donald Trump has stated over the past few months and explains how he feels about Trump’s “personal qualit (more…)
Donald Trump Bites Back: Mitt Failed Badly
04:26 — At a rally in Maine, Republican front-runner Donald Trump fires back after Mitt Romney's recent attack, adding that Romney is a 'failed candidate' and (more…)
'I Could Have Said: Mitt, Drop to Your Knees'
01:19 — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defends himself after Mitt Romney's attack, claiming that Romney was desperate for an endorsement durin (more…)
Mitt Romney: 'I Won't Run for President'
01:17 — In a Today Show exclusive, Matt Lauer asks Mitt Romney about his contentious relationship with Donald Trump and whether there are any circumstances th (more…)
Will Romney’s Attacks Affect the Race?
03:23 — Ben Ginsberg talks to MSNBC’s Brian Williams about Mitt Romney’s recent attack on Donald Trump and the “stop Trump” effort.
Mitt Romney: Obama Must Wage War On ISIS
05:40 — Mitt Romney has published an op-ed on the Paris attacks in The Washington Post, is he angling to be the GOP's 2016 back-up plan? Philip Bump and Rebec (more…)
Romney to Speak On GOP Race
02:40 — Mitt Romney is set to make comments on the state of the Republican Party and GOP presidential race.
How Was Speaker Ryan On VP Trail?
08:20 — NBC’s Alex Moe and Time magazine’s Phil Elliott share their experiences with Speaker Paul Ryan when he was on the campaign trail running as Mitt Romne (more…)
Romney On Trump: ‘A Business Genius He Is Not’
01:34 — Mitt Romney explains the failures of Donald Trump’s businesses and why he believes he should not be the GOP nominee.
Trump Supporter: GOP Is Freaking Out
01:33 — Former contestant on "The Apprentice" and Trump supporter Omarosa Manigault joins NBC's Craig Melvin to explain why Mitt Romney's attack won't stop th (more…)
Trump: This Is Why Romney Doesn't Like Me
00:40 — Republican front-runner Donald Trump holds a rally in Michigan and continues to take digs at Mitt Romney.
How Has Trump Changed Campaign Funding?
05:12 — Donald Trump campaign consultant Bradley Crate, who once worked for Mitt Romney's campaign, joins to discuss how Trump is changing the business of pre (more…)
Mitt Romney: ‘Donald Trump Is a Phony”
01:00 — Mitt Romney continues to slam Donald Trump calling him a phony and a fraud.
Priebus: Trump Will Be a Fighter for US Workers
10:53 — Incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus discusses Steven Mnuchin as a pick for treasury secretary, Trump's plans to leave his businesses, t (more…)
Donald Trump Dines With Mitt Romney, Makes 3 More Cabinet Picks
03:59 — President-elect Donald Trump had dinner with former Gov. Mitt Romney in what appears to be a “second-round” interview for secretary of state.
Romney Changes His Tune On Trump
05:14 — Republican strategist John Feehery and MSNBC political analyst Ron Reagan discuss the striking reversal Mitt Romney and other Republicans have made wh (more…)
Romney 'impressed' With Trump's Transition Team
02:07 — Just eight months ago Mitt Romney had harsh words for Donald Trump, but now he's saying nothing but good things about Trump. MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell a (more…)
Is Trump Settling Scores With His Rivals?
05:28 — Is President-elect Donald Trump using his “transition reality show” not to find the best talent but to humiliate his former critics, such as Mitt Romn (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Willard Mitt Romney
  • Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, United States
  • Profession: Politician

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