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Mitt Romney: ‘I Was Offended, Dismayed’ by Trump Audio
01:25 — During a campaign event for Nevada Republicans, Mitt Romney responds to Donald Trump’s “hot mic” controversy and states that Trump’s comments were “de (more…)
Romney in 2012: Watch Out for Whoopi!
01:21 — Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of what else Mitt Romney said on the infamous 47% secret recording.
Clinton Has a “tougher Job” in First Debate
03:28 — Former economic advisor to Mitt Romney, Vin Weber, talks to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell about why he believes Hillary Clinton is more prepared for Monday ni (more…)
Is There More Pressure On Hillary Clinton?
06:31 — Political analyst Hugh Hewitt, former Ted Cruz advisor Rick Tyler and former Mitt Romney advisor Brett O'Donnell discuss with MSNBC's Thomas Roberts w (more…)
Trump's Trails Romney's 2012 Numbers With White Voters
01:52 — In order for Donald Trump to win the White House he will need to exceed Mitt Romney's 2012 totals.
'Binders Full of Women’
01:05 — Mitt Romney learned a hard lesson in choosing your words wisely when the internet had a field day with his comment during the second 2012 debate again (more…)
Poll: 2016 Trump Losing Badly to 2012 Romney
01:35 — Rachel Maddow shares the results of a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll and compares Donald Trump's numbers now to Mitt Romney's losing numbers in (more…)
Bad News for Trump in New Latino Polling
01:39 — Rachel Maddow shares the results of new polling that shows that not only is Donald Trump losing badly to Hillary Clinton among Latino voters, but he i (more…)
Political impact of Trump's Obama "birther" comments
03:13 — Dan Senor, former senior adviser to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the 2012 campaign, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Donald Trump's recent response (more…)
Should Clinton Be Worried Over Latino Vote?
02:54 — A new Univision poll shows that in four battleground states with large Latino electorate, Hillary Clinton’s Latino support is lower than President Oba (more…)
Mitt Romney's Fourth of July
02:34 — Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney spent the Fourth of July in Wolfeboro, N.H., near his family's lake house. Highlights of the day's fe (more…)
Most Important Number: 61
02:31 — Compared to Mitt Romney in 2012, Donald Trump is still polling behind with white voters without a college degree.
Romney welcomes third party candidate
01:48 — Mitt Romney called for the upcoming presidential debates to include libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and his running mate Bill Weld. Earlier CBSN an (more…)
Trump Tries to Pass the Commander-in-chief Test
05:38 — Donald Trump took questions on foreign policy and rolled out a endorsements from 88 former military officials - well short of the 500 retired generals (more…)
Latino Trump Surrogates Reconsider Support After Speech
05:01 — Deputy Campaign Manager for the 2012 Mitt Romney campaign, Katie Packer, joins MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle to discuss Donald Trump’s meeting with the Pres (more…)
"Slow Jam the News" With Mitt Romney
05:01 — Gov. Mitt Romney joins Jimmy Fallon and the Roots to slow jam the news.
I Am a True Independent
03:36 — Rockstar and actor Meatloaf discusses his political leanings and why he decided to publicly endorse Mitt Romney in 2012.
Fmr. Romney Campaign Head Rips Trump Camp
04:52 — Mitt Romney's 2012 chief strategist, Stuart Stevens, weighs in on Donald Trump's meeting Wednesday, questioning if the move is genuine. Stevens also w (more…)
Five Guys, Chipotle, and the Politics of Fast Food
03:23 — What does Mitt Romney have to do with Chipotle, and what does Barack Obama have to do with Five Guys? An election-time dip into the politics of fast f (more…)
Romney Weighs in for Charity Vision Match
02:35 — Msnbc's Toure speaks with Craig Melvin about Evander Holyfield and Mitt Romney's charity boxing fight.
Republicans Look to Score Foreign Policy Points
11:24 — NBC’s Carrie Dann and Mark Murray join to take a close look at Jeb Bush’s travels to Europe, how John Kasich’s candidacy could impact Bush’s spot in t (more…)
Millions Spent On ‘anyone But Trump’ Campaign
07:41 — NBC’s Peter Alexander previews Mitt Romney’s Utah speech in today, where is expected to take a hammer to Donald Trump’s campaign.
Mitt Romney: ‘Dishonesty Is Donald Trump’s Hallmark’
01:20 — Mitt Romney calls out some of the statements Donald Trump has stated over the past few months and explains how he feels about Trump’s “personal qualit (more…)
Donald Trump Bites Back: Mitt Failed Badly
04:26 — At a rally in Maine, Republican front-runner Donald Trump fires back after Mitt Romney's recent attack, adding that Romney is a 'failed candidate' and (more…)
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