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Will Trump firing campaign manager change anything?
02:47 — Dan Senor, former senior adviser to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan during their 2012 campaign, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss how the firing of Corey (more…)
Ex-Romney adviser: Widening poll gaps, divisive rhetoric bad way to unify GOP
02:57 — Dan Senor, former senior adviser to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan during the 2012 campaign, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Donald Trump's inflammator (more…)
Republican Party Grows Further Apart
08:05 — Mitt Romney will not be voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the general election. Former Governor of Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and (more…)
Last Call for Anti-Trump Movement
06:54 — Former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan talks with Alex Witt about Mitt Romney’s annual ideas summit where Republicans and anti-Trump advocates will discuss (more…)
GOP Elite Meet at Romney Annual Summit
05:53 — Former adviser to Mitt Romney and Senator Marco Rubio Lanhee Chen talks with Alex Witt about Romney’s latest attempt to stop Trump with his annual ide (more…)
GOP Not Sold On a Trump Presidency
06:48 — Mitt Romney has made it clear he will not vote for Donald Trump. Republican Strategist Joe Watkins and MSNBC News Political Analyst Rick Tyler discuss (more…)
Trump and 'trickle-down Racism'
11:10 — As Democrats unify around Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump continues to face slings and arrows from Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP.
Prominent GOPers Gather at Romney Retreat
04:50 — Mike Leavitt, top adviser to Mitt Romney in 2012 and former Governor of Utah, discusses what to expect from Republicans at the annual E2 summit in Par (more…)
Fiancee of Murdered Former Romney Staffer Wants Answers: I Lie Awake Every Night
02:20 — Liz Fried was supposed to be planning her wedding. Instead, she is trying to come to grips with the unsolved murder of her fiancee. She fell in love w (more…)
How Trump and Romney Are Different
05:21 — Donald Trump and Mitt Romney are both very wealthy men, however Donald Trump seems to be connecting with more Americans. Washington Post reporter Chri (more…)
AP: Donald Trump wins enough delegates to clinch Republican nomination
09:56 — The Associated Press reports Donald Trump has reached 1,238 delegates, enough to clinch the Republican presidential nomination. CBSN's Josh Elliott di (more…)
"Middle class Joe" Biden ramps up attack on Romney
01:20 — Vice President Joe Biden called attacks on Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital "totally legitimate" in a fiery speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday, al (more…)
What to make of Romney's new momentum?
00:56 — Campaign officials are reacting cautiously to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's new momentum. Scott Pelley speaks with CBS News political directo (more…)
Romney confident he'll win Fla. primary
01:47 — The latest Florida primary poll shows Mitt Romney surging. He's widened his lead over Newt Gingrich to nine points -- 38 percent to 29 percent. As Jan (more…)
Can Mitt Romney be stopped?
04:47 — Now that Mitt Romney has won the Iowa caucuses, has he already gained enough momentum to take the Republican presidential nomination? John Miller talk (more…)
Romney's Mass. health care reform six years later
02:49 — Mitt Romney signed health care reform into law in Massachusetts six years ago with the goal of providing "every citizen with affordable, comprehensive (more…)
Gingrich gains momentum in S.C.
03:22 — A new poll shows Newt Gingrich within striking distance of Mitt Romney in South Carolina. CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford reports.
Obama talks Mideast violence at U.N. General Assembly
01:28 — President Obama and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney both made foreign policy speeches in New York today. Randall Pinkston has the latest (more…)
Bloomberg calls on Obama, Romney to get specific on gun control
01:39 — NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for specifics on President Obama and Mitt Romney's positions on gun control in response to Friday's mass shooting a (more…)
Romney, Perry spar on job creation
06:44 — During the MSNBC/Politico 2012 Republican presidential candidates debate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Texas Governor Rick Perry went (more…)
Schieffer: Obama's message seems to be getting through
01:49 — With 53 days left until the election, a new CBS-New York Times poll shows President Obama with a small lead over Mitt Romney. It also shows that Ameri (more…)
GOP candidates woo Southern voters
02:30 — The Republican presidential race centered on the South, where candidates like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are seen as having the advantage over Mi (more…)
Trump, Clinton Gear up for General Election
05:11 — Former spokesman for Ted Cruz’s campaign, Rick Tyler, and former advisor to Mitt Romney, Lanhee Chen, discuss Hillary Clinton’s super PAC’s new campai (more…)
Ex-adviser on Ryan's "tremendous apprehension" about Trump
03:16 — Dan Senor, who was senior adviser to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan during the 2012 campaign, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss how House Speaker Ryan's (more…)
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