Mitch Pileggi

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  • Birth Place: Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Fri Mar 23 2:00pm
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitLoss(Season 5, Episode 4) USA

While constructing a murder case, ADA Alexandra Cabot becomes the target of a Colombian drug cartel. Jack Hammond: Mitch Pileggi. Rafael Zapata: Jacinto Taras Riddick. Tim Donovan: Josh Hopkins. DA Arthur Branch: Fred Dalton Thompson. Sister Peg: Charlayne (more…)

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Sat Mar 24 10:00am
Criminal MindsNormal(Season 4, Episode 11) WE

The team heads to Southern California to search for a serial killer nicknamed the Road Warrior, who is targeting luxury-car owners on the freeway. Faith Ford and Mitch Pileggi guest star.

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Tue Mar 27 5:00pm
Blue BloodsSins of the Father(Season 5, Episode 10) WGNA

Frank grows eager to find evidence against a long-suspected cop killer who allegedly shot one of Henry's peers years ago. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez investigate a series of homicides in the adult-film industry.

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Tue Mar 27 8:00pm
The X-FilesChristmas Carol(Season 5, Episode 6) MNT

Part 1 of two. A phone voice resembling that of her late sister, Melissa, draws Scully to the scene of a suicide, where the victim's daughter looks exactly like Melissa at the same age. Kresge: John Pyper-Ferguson. Sim: Rob Freeman. Bill: Pat Skipper. Mrs (more…)

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Tue Mar 27 9:00pm
The X-FilesEmily(Season 5, Episode 7) MNT

Conclusion. Another mysterious phone call brings Scully to an ailing Emily. But the doctor who's treating her anemia refuses to share her medical records. Calderon: Gerard Plunkett. Vinet: Bob Morrisey. Emily: Lauren Diewold. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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Fri Mar 30 8:00pm
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationDaddy's Little Girl(Season 6, Episode 12) ION

A professional motocross racer is stabbed to death while working on his bike in a garage attached to a house he shared with two women he recently met. The investigation reveals that the victim was about to leave town with the younger of the two women. Acro (more…)

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Sat Mar 31 11:00am
The X-FilesPilotNew BBC
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Sat Mar 31 12:00pm
The X-FilesDeep Throat(Season 1, Episode 2) BBC

Scully and Mulder investigate a military base that could be using alien technology; Mulder (David Duchovny) makes contact with a Washington insider with important information---and a warning. Deep Throat: Jerry Hardin.

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Sat Mar 31 1:00pm
The X-FilesSqueeze(Season 1, Episode 3) BBC

Scully helps an agent pursue a killer, who Mulder theorizes might have been murdering victims for 100 years. Eugene Tooms: Doug Hutchison. Agt. Tom Colton: Donal Logue. Det. Frank Briggs: Henry Beckman. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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Sat Mar 31 2:00pm
The X-FilesConduit(Season 1, Episode 4) BBC

When a teen vanishes and her brother begins doodling mysterious figures, Mulder (David Duchovny) is sure that the girl was abducted by aliens. Darlene: Carrie Snodgress. Scully: Gillian Anderson. Blevins: Charles Cioffi.

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Sat Mar 31 3:00pm
The X-FilesThe Jersey Devil(Season 1, Episode 5) BBC

An incident of cannibalism seems to be the doings of a fabled beast called the "Jersey Devil." Meanwhile, Scully goes on a date. Dr. Diamond: Gregory Sierra. Creature: Claire Stansfield. Ranger: Michael McRae. Det. Thompson: Wayne Tippett.

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Sat Mar 31 4:00pm
The X-FilesShadows(Season 1, Episode 6) BBC

The ghost of a presumed suicide is guarding a woman (Lisa Waltz) from danger. Robert Dorland: Barry Primus. Scully: Gillian Anderson. Mulder: David Duchovny.

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Sat Mar 31 5:00pm
The X-FilesGhost in the Machine(Season 1, Episode 7) BBC

Mulder assists with a case involving a computer that has started killing the occupants of an office building. Agt. Jerry Lamana: Wayne Duvall. Peterson: Blu Mankuma. Steve Wilczek: Rob LaBelle. Deep Throat: Jerry Hardin. Agt. Nancy Spiller: Gillian Barber

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Sat Mar 31 6:00pm
The X-FilesIce(Season 1, Episode 8) BBC

Scully and Mulder travel to the Arctic to investigate the deaths of scientists whose mission was to drill for core samples from prehistoric times. Bear: Jeff Kober. Dr. Hodge: Xander Berkeley. Dr. Da Silva: Felicity Huffman. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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Sat Mar 31 7:00pm
The X-FilesSpace(Season 1, Episode 9) BBC

Scully and Mulder launch an investigation into a series of sabotage attempts against NASA's space-shuttle program. Lt. Col. Marcus Belt: Ed Lauter. Michelle Generoo: Susanna Thompson. Mulder: David Duchovny. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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Sat Mar 31 8:00pm
The X-FilesFallen Angel(Season 1, Episode 10) BBC

Mulder's probe of a UFO crash site could lead to his expulsion from the FBI and the closing of the X-Files Division. Cdr. Henderson: Marshall Bell. Max Fenig: Scott Bellis. Deep Throat: Jerry Hardin. Joseph McGrath: Frederick Coffin. Mulder: David Duchovny (more…)

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Sat Mar 31 9:00pm
Sat Mar 31 10:00pm
The X-FilesFire(Season 1, Episode 12) BBC

Mulder's old flame enlists his aid in tracking an arsonist who's able to set fire to things by touching them. Phoebe Green: Amanda Pays. Bob: Mark Sheppard. Sir Malcolm Marsden: Dan Lett. Mulder: David Duchovny. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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Sat Mar 31 11:00pm
The X-FilesBeyond the Sea(Season 1, Episode 13) BBC

A death-row inmate claims his psychic powers can help Scully and Mulder rescue two kidnapped teens. Luther Lee Boggs: Brad Dourif. Lucas Henry: Lawrence King. Scully: Gillian Anderson. Mulder: David Duchovny.

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Sun Apr 1 12:00am
Sun Apr 1 1:00am
The X-FilesLazarus(Season 1, Episode 15) BBC

An FBI agent begins to take on characteristics of the man he killed while trying to stop a bank robbery. Agt. Willis: Christopher Allport. Warren Dupre: Jason Schombing. Lula Velasquez: Cec Verrell. Scully: Gillian Anderson. Mulder: David Duchovny.

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Sun Apr 1 2:00am
The X-FilesYoung at Heart(Season 1, Episode 16) BBC

A nemesis of Mulder's---who's supposedly dead---returns to wreak havoc on Mulder's life. David Duchovny. Young Barnett: Alan Boyce. Older Barnett: David Petersen. Dr. Ridley: Robin Mossley. Joe Crandall: Gordon Tipple. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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Sun Apr 1 3:00am
Sun Apr 1 4:00am
The X-FilesMiracle Man(Season 1, Episode 18) BBC

The agents investigate a murder that has as its prime suspect a faith healer (Scott Bairstow). Leonard Vance: Dennis Lipscomb. Rev. Hartley: George Gerdes. Mulder: David Duchovny. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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  • Birth Place: Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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