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Casting About: Heroes Baddie Meets the Reaper

Missy Peregrym by Chris Haston/NBC

Hot off her stint as Heroes "illusionist" Candice, Missy Peregrym has joined the CW's upcoming (and thus far very well-received) series Reaper, replacing Nikki Reed as the pretty coworker of Bret Harrison's bounty hunter for the devil. Also per the Reporter, David Alpay has joined Showtime's The Tudors in the series-regular role of Smeaton, a musician and dancer who loves to indulge in sex. (No, Smeaton is not some sort of anagram for "Timberlake.") read more

Up Close with the "Shiftiest" of NBC's Heroes

Missy Peregrym, Heroes

With Nathan's election looming, you can bet that Linderman's secret weapon — "illusionist" Candice Wilmer — will play a big part in the outcome of tonight's Heroes (9 pm/ET, on NBC). TV Guide spoke with the woman behind Candice's many faces: 24-year-old Canadian actress Missy Peregrym. TV Guide: If, like Candice, you could make yourself look like anyone, who would it be? Missy Peregrym: [Laughs] I'm a huge fan of Celine Dion, so probably her. TV Guide: And if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? Peregrym: [Laughs] I would love to be able to transport. Not back in time or anything like that, but go wherever I wanted to go, whenever. read more

March 5, 2007: A Life of Meaning

New characters are coming into play faster than I can keep track. But I don't mind having Candice (Missy Peregrym) on board, because she has an edge that competes with Jessica's. She certainly welcomed herself with a set of eyes so devilish, I'm beginning to think she might even trump J's badass vibe. And her power is ridiculously brilliant. Seeing her disguised as Simone was a great way to introduce her "special" quality. But as far as we've seen, she definitely has no remorse or emotion at all. Isaac was out of sorts, naturally, but at least Simone's death produced another one of his paintings — someone had to save him from the cops or Linderman (Malcolm McDowell) wouldn't be able to collect the valuable comic canvases. I'm not sure what the latest painting was, though. It wasn't as clear as some of the previous drawings.My favorite story is still Claire, who, according to Thompson is just "an assignment." He made it pretty clear that HRG is not the one who will go after Clai... read more

Exclusive: Heroes Casts New "Temptress"

Here's another name to add to Heroes' rapidly expanding "list": Missy Peregrym.Although unconfirmed by NBC, multiple sources confirm that the Stick It actress has been cast as Faith, a female temptress who, according to an earlier casting breakdown, "wields a tremendous amount of sex appeal" and is willing to "get her hands dirty" for her employer. Peregrym will first appear in Episode 18, likely airing in April. In the meantime, if you're dying to know what special power Faith will possess, check out tomorrow's Ask Ausiello for a clue wrapped inside an asterisk quiz. I know how you guys love those. For the exclusive scoop on Heroes' other new addition, click here. read more

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