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OMG from "Heart Attack"
01:04 — Gert has a heart attack during her performance.
Alternate Universe from "La Fiesta Noche"
00:42 — El Coyote tries a different technique to get across the border.
Quicksand from "Borderwall"
00:20 — Bud gets caught in quicksand.
Deported from "The Engagement"
00:34 — Bud and Ernesto run into J.C., Ernesto's nephew.
Exploiting from "American Doll"
00:45 — Gert begs for an American Doll.
A Prince from "American Doll"
00:30 — Bud looks online for a doll for Gert.
Landscaping from "J.C. Strikes"
01:01 — Bud returns home after a long day.
Meet Pablo Barracuda
01:05 — Meet Bud Buckwald’s arch nemesis, the drug lord Pablo Barracuda.
Treats from "Heart Attack"
00:45 — Gert chows down on some treats.
The Man from "Borderwall"
00:29 — Bud reflects on his position at work.
Dreaming from "Wildfire"
00:38 — Bud imagines a world without Ernesto.
A Baby Plumber from "J.C. Strikes"
00:59 — Ernesto tells JC he must start working.
Unfair from "The Engagement"
00:29 — JC and Gert plan on telling Bud about their engagement.
Shameful from "Viva Coyote"
01:22 — Ruiz thinks he needs to become more Mexican.
Meet Gert Buckwald
01:05 — Meet Gert Buckwald, Bud’s youngest daughter.
Business Is Booming from "Borderwall"
01:12 — Bud starts his own business.
The Kaiju from "Megachurch"
00:57 — Bud is tricked again!
Girlcotting from "The Engagement"
00:54 — Bud learns of his daughter's relationship.
Meet JC
01:10 — A look at BOREDERTOWN'S JC Gonzalez, played by Nicholas Gonzalez
High Rollers from "Megachurch"
00:43 — The church seeks out people with money.
Meet Janice Buckwald
01:05 — A look at BORDERTOWN'S Janice Buckwald, played by Alex Borstein.
An Authentic Experience
02:00 — Consulting producers Gustavo Arellano and Lalo Alcaraz discuss the importance of BORDERTOWN for the Latino community.
01:55 — Enjoy a sneak peek at FOX’s new animated comedy, BORDERTOWN.
Stupid Soul from "Wildfire"
00:48 — The family worry about the fire just outside their town.
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  • Birth Name: Andrea Kay Pyle
  • Birth Place: Houston, TX
  • Birthday: November 16, 1972, Scorpio
  • Profession: Actor