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The Killing: A Look Ahead
04:14 — The cast and crew of The Killing give you a first look at the show’s brand new case. Watch The Killing on Sundays on AMC at 9/8c.
The Killing: Character Video - Linden
02:02 — Mireille Enos discusses Sarah Linden’s demons and the case from her past that haunts her leading into Season 3. Watch The Killing on Sundays on AMC at (more…)
Alice Escapes from Rhys
02:09 — Alice turns the tables on Rhys after she pulls a gun out of her purse.
Ben's Real Marriage Proposal
00:51 — Ben genuinely asks Alice to marry him.
Alice Takes Shots at Margot
02:04 — After finding Margot's true identity, Alice takes some shots during therapy
Alice Tells Margot Everything
01:39 — Margot uncovers what Ben and Alice have been doing.
Margot Questions Alice About Ben
01:35 — Margot pretends to be Alice's therapist.
Alice Asks Ben to Pick a Side
01:45 — Alice tells Ben to pick a side because she's working with the FBI.
Alice and Valerie Use Leverage to Save Joey
01:32 — Alice and Valerie free Joey from his father's custody.
The Poker Con
02:52 — Margot arranges the perfect poker con before Rhys ignores her orders.
Margot Takes Control
01:13 — Rhys agrees to let Margot take control on the latest con.
The Search for Joey
01:06 — Alice and Valerie ask their new client for background about his missing son.
Alice's Friendship Test
02:28 — Alice devises a plan for Nia to find out if Todd is really her friend.
Alice and Ben Steal the Bracelet Back
01:54 — Alice comes up with a plan to get the bracelet and throw off Agent Dao.
Rhys Finds a New Target
01:29 — Rhys asks for information about Margot after Felicity loses his trust.
Alice Won't Give up the Bracelet
00:47 — Ben pleads for Alice to return the bracelet back to him.
Rhys Pays a Visit
00:59 — Margot's brother pays a visit to collect the bracelet.
Ben Finds Agent Dao's Bug
02:29 — Ben calls Alice to inform her about the bug Agent Dao planted at her house.
Agent Dao Is Following Alice
01:06 — Ben calls off the meeting after he sees Agent Dao following Alice.
Sneak Peek: Ben Wants to See Alice
00:54 — Ben call Alice to set up a time to meet.
Ben Professes His Love for Alice
03:17 — Ben tells Alice that their love was real.
Searching for Gwen
01:29 — AVI are hired to find Gwen, who may have been abducted by terrorists.
Margot Kills General Halabi
00:58 — Margot arrives just in time to save Ben from General Halabi
Ben Opens New Credit Card Accounts
00:45 — Ben takes on the new identity that Alice set up as a trap.
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