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Alice Escapes from Rhys
02:09 — Alice turns the tables on Rhys after she pulls a gun out of her purse.
Ben's Real Marriage Proposal
00:51 — Ben genuinely asks Alice to marry him.
Alice Takes Shots at Margot
02:04 — After finding Margot's true identity, Alice takes some shots during therapy
Alice Tells Margot Everything
01:39 — Margot uncovers what Ben and Alice have been doing.
Margot Questions Alice About Ben
01:35 — Margot pretends to be Alice's therapist.
Alice Asks Ben to Pick a Side
01:45 — Alice tells Ben to pick a side because she's working with the FBI.
Alice and Valerie Use Leverage to Save Joey
01:32 — Alice and Valerie free Joey from his father's custody.
The Poker Con
02:52 — Margot arranges the perfect poker con before Rhys ignores her orders.
Margot Takes Control
01:13 — Rhys agrees to let Margot take control on the latest con.
The Search for Joey
01:06 — Alice and Valerie ask their new client for background about his missing son.
Alice's Friendship Test
02:28 — Alice devises a plan for Nia to find out if Todd is really her friend.
Alice and Ben Steal the Bracelet Back
01:54 — Alice comes up with a plan to get the bracelet and throw off Agent Dao.
Rhys Finds a New Target
01:29 — Rhys asks for information about Margot after Felicity loses his trust.
Alice Won't Give up the Bracelet
00:47 — Ben pleads for Alice to return the bracelet back to him.
Rhys Pays a Visit
00:59 — Margot's brother pays a visit to collect the bracelet.
Ben Finds Agent Dao's Bug
02:29 — Ben calls Alice to inform her about the bug Agent Dao planted at her house.
Agent Dao Is Following Alice
01:06 — Ben calls off the meeting after he sees Agent Dao following Alice.
Sneak Peek: Ben Wants to See Alice
00:54 — Ben call Alice to set up a time to meet.
Ben Professes His Love for Alice
03:17 — Ben tells Alice that their love was real.
Searching for Gwen
01:29 — AVI are hired to find Gwen, who may have been abducted by terrorists.
Margot Kills General Halabi
00:58 — Margot arrives just in time to save Ben from General Halabi
Ben Opens New Credit Card Accounts
00:45 — Ben takes on the new identity that Alice set up as a trap.
World War Z - Trailer
01:32 — Ten years after the world wide Zombies epidemic, World War Z, Maz Brooks searches the world for stories and experiences from those who survived.
Sabotage - Official Trailer
02:07 — In "Sabotage", Arnold Schwarzenegger leads an elite DEA task force that takes on the world's deadliest drug cartels. When the team successfully execut (more…)
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