Mimi Faust Celebrity Watchlist

Funny Business
Stevie and Joseline come face-to-face since separating. Karlie comes clean with Tiarra about Scrapp, and Lyfe surprises Karlie with a ring. Momma Dee (more…)
Exposed and Unfiltered: Part 1
Violence concerns cause producers to reunite the cast in small groups. Bambi and Betty Idol face off over Scrappy, Tommie's legal issues worsen due to (more…)
I Deserve
07:00 — Mimi finally comes clean to her best friend Ariane. Joseline and Stevie perform at the opening of Tony and Kalenna's club. Margeaux drops a huge bomb (more…)
The Truth Hurts
Kalenna & Tony make a major investment with their life savings. Khadiyah comes face to face with Yung Joc's exes. Kirk tries to broker peace between A (more…)
Cuffed Up
Khadiyah puts Yung Joc in a compromising position after Sina presents her with incriminating evidence. Margeaux arrives in Atlanta and forms an unlike (more…)
Final Outcome
06:37 — Stevie and Joseline's relationship ends. Scrappy pops the question. Momma Dee apologizes to Shirleen, and gives Ernest a gift. KK and Tiarra plan a sp (more…)
Making a Scene
Rasheeda is shocked at Kirk's reaction when she tells him she's pregnant. Joseline doesn't want Stevie working with anyone but her. K.Michelle and Ari (more…)
Most Likely to Murder
05:01 — Tom Skerritt (who later starred as the sheriff on TV's Picket Fences) appears as a cop whose wife has been murdered.
Universal Royalty
05:01 — Don't mess with Texas, especially when the stakes are high at the Universal Royalty Pageant. The competition is fierce between a full glitz pro, Eden, (more…)
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Emily's performance is affected after she reads negative blog postings and Payson begins school and has a run-in with the Queen Bee.
I Do
07:00 — Momma Dee's royal wedding day arrives, but her children may not show up for her crowning moment. Margeaux reveals a secret to Nikko that turns his wor (more…)
Doing Me
Joseline branches out musically, going behind Stevie's back to record a hot new track. Momma Dee starts preparing for her dream wedding, endangering h (more…)
Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta: Revenge Trailer
00:30 — Stevie attempts to get back at Nikko Karlie and Sina hope to even the score with Khadiyah Rasheeda and Kalenna have issues and Kalenna confronts a ser (more…)
Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta: Doing Me Trailer
00:25 — Mama Dee's wedding is fast approaching, but the drama continues.
Season 3: Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 Trailer
00:15 — VH1 is bringing a southern-fried tale of struggle, love and temptation to Atlanta, Georgia with an all new season of "Love & Hip Hop." "Love and H (more…)
Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Mistake at The lake Trailer
00:17 — A weekend getaway at a lake house takes a wild course Joseline reveals her expectations regarding Stevie Drew sets out to lure Traci away from her boy (more…)
LOVE AND HIP HOP: ATLANTA Three Way, No Way Trailer
00:22 — Joseline's suspicions over Stevie's fidelity reach a fever pitch. Kirk and Rasheeda take the next step in their relationship, while Kalenna's house gu (more…)
Love And Hip Hop: Atanta: Episode 8 Trailer
00:25 — A meeting of the moms, turns into a battle of the ex'es.
Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Life happens Trailer
00:20 — Scrappy makes a play to save a relationship and Momma Dee is not happy with his approach.
Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Party Foul Trailer
00:21 — Dawn and Mimi are on a mission to bring Stevie J and Joseline down. Karlie and Yung Joc continue their roller coaster relationship. Rasheeda pays a vi (more…)
Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta: countdown Trailer
00:26 — Joseline tries to give a helping hand, meanwhile Yung Joc hears something disturbing about his lady at a recent video shoot.
Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta The Past, My Ass Trailer
00:23 — Stevie J and Joseline may not be having a wedding and Benzino wants somebody out of his club now.
Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Making A Scene Trailer
00:15 — "I'm sorry that me having a baby is not a part of your life plan!". Rasheeda is shocked at Kirk's reaction when she tells him she's pregnant. Joseline (more…)
Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta new help Trailer
00:20 — Stevie and Joseline put their big wedding plans on hold to handle some business, which blows up in Stevie's face. Bambi suffers a set back. Kirk takes (more…)
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